Stitchers: twelve bodies and six stitches in one day in "Red Eye"

This week on Stitchers, everyone's favorite weird-science new-adult procedural, Kirsten takes on six stitches in a day to solve a weird crime involving people dropping dead at the same moment! Spoilers ahead for Stitchers S0208, "Red Eye."


There was a plane (not from Oceanic airlines, but may as well be) stopping over in LA on the way to Sydney, and just as they were coming in for a landing, twelve people all had a sudden catastrophic heart attack at the same moment. What's the connection?

This has never been done before, but they figure with the bodies pre-mapped and with Kirsten getting a new one while the previous one is in it's refractory period, she could do maybe 6 in the 24 hours Blaire has given them to make a breakthrough before the rest of the people on the plane--including whoever is responsible--get released to continue their trips. Since there was nothing obviously connecting them, they'd had to pick six at random and hope one of them had the info they'd need to figure it out.

The victims all sort of have the same memories, since they were all in the same place at the same time, and each one gives her a little snippet more: there's a guy looking for his passport on the way in; there's a girl working on high-level math who doesn't want people looking at her computer; there's a guy listening to music; there's a guy messing with his smart watch; a lady who was cold and used her husband's jacket as a blanket; the stewardess. Every memory cut off at the same moment when the lights flickered and the captain had just started speaking over the intercom--there was no warning, they just all stopped.

Kirsten is determined to make it work, and Cameron is already worrying about her from last week, but they don't really have a choice, so they go. It takes a toll on Kirsten, and she starts getting worn down--a headache, low electrolytes, then a nosebleed she doesn't mention to anyone. And we all know that nosebleeds on TV always mean something is wrong! By the time she gets to the fifth body, she's barely keeping it together, so Cameron and Linus come up with the idea of switching out five and six without Kirsten bouncing--moving her into limbo for maybe a minute without taking her out of the sync needed to stitch in. They're already in new-frontier land now, so why not, and she's grateful to not have to keep moving in and out of the process, even though she never admitted it was damaging her.

So limbo it is--except limbo is awful, just a void with her mind floating in the middle of it, and she starts to panic while they're switching out the bodies. She's talking to actual-Cameron, who she's still connected to through comms, but it's not helping her stay calm...and then young-Cameron shows up. He says they've been watching her stitching into all these people, and he's impressed, but what they should be doing is daisy-chaining them all together so she can get all the memories at once. The last body is unusable--Linus was too tired and made a mistake in the map--but when Kirsten comes out of it, she knows what they need to do...except she's too exhausted and passes out in the tank.

Strangely, it's Fisher who gets to her first; I would have expected it to be Cameron, or one of the nurses that were sooner. Fisher seems to have placed himself as the all-purpose Stitchers Program protector, though.

When she wakes up, she tells them the plan, and wins them over by getting Cameron to figure out how it could be done, because with Cameron, science always wins. The put one body in the Corpse Casette, Camille steals a bunch of neuro-interface headsets from the university for the others, and they link them all together before Kirsten makes one last stitch. Then, she sees that the guy with the watch had switched identities with one of the victims, and put his faked passport in the guy's breast pocket--right over his heart, where all the other victims happened to have their passports too! Kirsten sees the guy's real name; he's an arms dealer who has paid this guy to pose as him, so that when he kills the guy, everyone will think it's HIM who's dead, and he can go be an arms dealer off the grid. He does it by making his smart watch into a tiny EMP--it fries the lights, fries the computer of the lady with the equations, and it turns the little chips in everyone's passports into tiny little heart-disruptors. Instant heart attacks, and enough victims to obscure the target.

Meanwhile, a bunch of other stuff is going on, because we can't let characters have it easy.

Nina wants more time with Cameron, and doesn't understand why he has to be on-call 24/7 for a videogame company; she doesn't think it's that important, and his cover story isn't detailed enough for him to do anything but sound suspicious when he puts her off. She makes dinner for him, and lights candles and stuff, but she calls right before Body Five when Kirsten is resting at Cameron's desk, and when it rings, Kirsten answers--which immediately looks bad. Poor Nina. Looks like a breakup unless Cameron either tells her the truth or comes up with a better story.

Liam calls Camille, sniffing around like a dog, and Camille does her job and tells him that she's not comfortable being a thing when Kirsten might still have feelings for him. Liam, of course, jumps on that because he's shifty, and we see that he is, at that very moment, in Kirsten's room taking pictures of her Wall of Crazy.

Kirsten has managed to get ahold of Ivy, but Ivy doesn't want anything to do with her or with their shared dad. But right at the end, when Kirsten finally gets a chance to rest, Ivy calls back and wants to meet.

And Linus is dealing with his dad's illness. He can't get ahold of his doctor, and his dad is being frustratingly "goodby speech"-y about the whole thing, so he focuses on work, which is something he knows he can help. Camille, however, is on his side--because he sees Liam calling and she tells him what's going on. They're back on the same page again! Linus is too good for this world.

It was a romp, guys. The case they were solving could have been more interesting, but once they got to the mega-stitch, it all came together really well, and I don't even mind. The real story was in Kirsten pushing herself to her limits and the team inventing new technology to do the job on the fly. There hasn't been a really stitcher-specific story in a long time, and this one was a good one, all about how they do what they do and where the limits of that are. And what the cost is to those who do it. While Camille and Linus are coming back together, Kirsten is feeling lonely and getting ready to get back with her ex even though that's a ruse, and Cameron and Nina are hitting a rough patch because of his dedication to the job--that's going to look like dedication to Kirsten, and that wouldn't be strictly wrong.

We're up to episode eight--two more listed on Wikipedia now, and then season two is done. Things are getting serious! And while this episode was giving us all this awesome gee-whiz new science, it was also setting up a bunch of things to start collapsing in on our favs. Why is Ivy and her family so against even talking about Daniel Stinger? What is Liam up to, and is he actually working for her dad like they think, or is it something else? Can Kirsten actually trust young-Cameron--who admits that he was created to be instinctually trusted, without really saying why she needs to trust him to begin with? He basically admitted that they can spy on her through her own brain today, and she didn't seem to register that because she was panicking and needed the comfort...which she should have been getting from the actual Cameron. Does that matter, too? Is he intentionally created to make her confide in Cameron less, to put sort of a wall between her and her team?

And if so, why?

More notes on Stitchers 2.8 "Red Eye":

  • This would have been a good case for Fringe Division. Maybe the writers did / would have worked on a few other shows if they had the chance!
  • There was SUCH a Lost-homage feel to this one! The only way it could have been more Lost-y is if the flashbacks had involed a bunch of questionable romantic decisions and personal crimes.
  • If they're going to use a game company as a cover, they should actually make games. All of them are techie nerds, they could do it in their downtime, since it's only like one case a week (unless there's lots of other cases that are super straight forward that we don't see in between). Then it's a better cover story AND has real details!
  • I hope Linus's dad isn't sick just to give Linus a Big Emotion Story. His dad is awesome and he's a precious cinnamon roll, and neither of them deserve that tacky a plot. But what I really hope is that they can somehow use the tech they have to cure him, making the leap from solving crimes to saving people!
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