Supernatural, "And Then There Were None": whetting the appetite

Quick Take: Supernatural, "And Then There Were None"
Dramatic, shocking and exhilarating... a new monster rises.


Review: Supernatural, "And Then There Were None"
(S0616) Before the hiatus a show attempts to whet the apetite. This hard hitting shocker was enough to get the juices of anticipation flowing, along with the teaser for the next episode. Castiel and Balthazar are back in the mix indeed.

The teaser sees 'the mother of all' Eve making her second appearance. She walks barefoot across a gas station forecourt -- still wearing little more than a slip. The god fearing trucker, played by Brent Stait, offers her a lift and prevents her from throwing herself at him - yet she merely swipes his call for her to seek Jesus aside - lecturing on how God does not care about his human creation. She whispers in the ear of the trucker and he looks pained and fearful. The next time we see him he's entering the bedroom of a dark haired woman who is sleeping, she wakes and smiles when she sees him, letting us know this is his wife, before raising a hammer and smashing her skull in. Teaser over - we join Dean, Sam and Bobby charting progress of some omens down I-80 - culminating with this most horrific of crimes committed by the trucker.

The boys don their suits (where on earth do they keep them?) and along with Bobby and FBI agent Willis, they head down the I-80 to speak with the trucker Rick, who works at Starlight Cannery as it turns out.

Sam searches a computer database in the police station for information - the barefoot woman raises Dean's eyebrows, clearly he finds her attractive, until her true face is revealed to the lens. They are all concerned that they have little information - when police start racing from the station - Bobby enquires as to the incident and he's told that a worker has gone on a killing spree at the cannery.

Bobby leaves the boys and decides to head down - he's surprised to meet up with Rufus Turner, who is also imitating an FBI agent. It's fascinating to watch these two joust, they are capable of oneliners that are as amusing and telling as those Dean and Sam spout all the time - their relationship is amusing if a little prickly at times. But they have a rapport.

They discover the body of the second cannery worker has some form of ectoplasm -- except it isn't -- but it's gooey nevertheless, in the deadman's ear. Both are puzzled.

The cannery is established as Ground Zero, and the four meet up there after dark to investigate. Not long into the search they come across Gwen Campbell and along with her, Samuel. Dean bursts through his gun raised, about to make good on his promise to their treacherous grand father - prevented only by Sam who tells him that Samuel might be of use. Dean is furious but allows Sam to shepherd him out at Bobby's instruction. Gwen is shocked to hear the exchanges between Samuel and Bobby - 'You must be the guy that's pretending to be their father'. Samuel states sarcastically. Bobby retorts 'Well someone's gotta do it!". They are no less prickly as Samuel reveals the purpose of their hunt being Eve (she was around 10,000 years earlier and all nasty things that walk the earth can be traced back to her).

Gwen heads out to get Dean's side of the story on Samuel's alleged betrayal - they talk and she assures Dean she had no idea of what Samuel had done - Dean tells her he knows and that he needs to tell her something, shooting her square in the chest. The shock in her eyes (and mine) was amazingly accurate for someone taken completely by surprise - the noise of the gunshot brings the others out and Rufus and Bobby attempt to save Gwen in vain. Samuel's insistence that he cares appears hollow. Bobby states that whatever was in the cannery people is in Dean and they best find him before he finds them. He and Sam lock-down the place to prevent escape, and Sam warns Samuel that they will find Dean alive, or he'll put a bullet in Samuel's skull.

When Rufus finds Dean (with the assistance of Sam calling Dean's mobile) - Samuel who is with Rufus runs in his gun raised. Dean is already pointing the weapon at Rufus and explaining that he blacked out and some 'harpie' crawled out of his ear. Bobby and Sam join them and Bobby decides that it's best for all weapons to be locked up to prevent this thing from blowing their heads off easily.

The acrimony between Samuel, Dean, and Sam is obvious as they are all now in the locker room or mess hall. Dean is glaring at Samuel - whilst Bobby and Rufus are making phone calls to all their contacts trying to decide what they're dealing with.

Samuel finally decides he going to leave for a 'leak' only to be followed shortly thereafter by an unconvinced Sam and Dean - they finally catch up to Samuel and Dean berates him. "How do you sleep at night?" he demands. Samuel's smirk and riposte "Like a bady, thanks for asking." Is followed by his acknowlegement that his actions were questionable but he won't apologise - Threatening to enlighten Sam about his deeds during their 'summer vacation' together, Dean moves around in front of him, fearful of those memories scratching at the wall Death put up in Sam's mind. As he does so, he notices some of the black substance coming from Samuel's ear and spots a gun being removed from his jacket pocket - Dean grabs his arm, a shot fired into the air, alerting Bobby and Rufus.

They decide they need their weapons back and go in search, all four of them, for Samuel. Sam gets separated and he ends up finding Samuel - who tries to play to Sam's family ties - when the younger Winchester snaps for him not to go there - he immediately starts suggesting that he tell Sam all about their time together - he begins to move forward and Sam warns him to stay back - shooting him directly in the forehead when he doesn't heed. (This was particularly shocking as with his soul back, Sam has never been as aggressive as Dean IMHO). The other three find him - Sam has been waiting for the 'thing' to crawl from Samuel's ear, but nothing, leading the others to suspect the thing is in him. They decide to cuff him using a cable tie - whilst they 'operate' on Samuel to discover whether the 'monster' is still in his head.

Sending Sam and Dean from the room whilst they cut into Samuel's skull - Rufus comments on Bobby's 'dumpster diving' antics as the saw is literally wired together and looks rather dangerous to operate.

This is when an exchange revealing a portion of their past (hinted at earlier in the episode) finally reveals that Omaha is where Rufus and Bobby fell out because of a huge mistake Bobby made that 'got her killed' he apologises and Rufus tears him a new one - he'll never ever forgive for it. As he continues with the surgical saw, he startles and jumps back as Samuel's eyes open abruptly. A fight ensues and Samuel manages to break a leg from the table and barricade the door with it - As Sam and Dean (who has freed his brother) try to kick the doors in, they watch Rufus and Bobby fight Samuel - eventually with Rufus hurled across the room into some lockers and appearing to be knocked out - Bobby pushes Samuel back, and he falls into the electrical socket where Bobby's haphazard surgical saw is plugged in - the electric shock sees the 'sluggo' crawl from Samuel's ear, leaving him dead once more.

Dean and Sam finally smash through the doors and run to the air of their friends. It is established that electricity can hurt it - so they bare the wires and conduct an electric shock show and tell, to see who has the 'slug' inside them. Sadly it turns out to be Bobby, and as Rufus attempts to get the electrical current to him realising his 'possession' the 'sluggo' stabs Rufus dead in the chest. Dean and Sam manage to overwhelm Bobby, and tie him to a chair where they learn that Eve is back, and she's pissed - that there will be more monsters walking the earth soon than humans and all humans will die. Despite their reservations, Dean and Sam know they must get the thing out of Bobby and it's vowed to kill him in the process - Dean exposes him to enough electrical current to kill the 'monster without a name, so now Sluggo' as Dean christened it - is dead but Bobby is not breathing either. Shot changes to the boys at a grave recently dug - where they're joined by Bobby to send Rufus off. We do not learn what it was that Bobby did, but Dean tells him and his brother that when something eventually guts him, blanket apology not necessary. They're family!

Some of the more intesting asides from this episode - Dean's reaction to having killed Gwen was slightly shocked but he did not seem to be struggling with it - at least then. She was perhaps the only innocent Campbell of the whole bunch and her death leaves many unanswered questions - who brought her up in the life - will there be some hell to pay from her family against Dean and Sam? Her backstory would have been an interesting aside - but time is always of the essence as they struggle to tell a story arc as big as this one is shaping up to be.

All in all, this was an extremely shocking, entertaining and thrilling episode -- more please!

By Jaclyn

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On: Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Dawn Nyberg said:

Hey Jacsiss,

I enjoyed the episode, too! I'm very eager for what the remainder of the season holds for SPN :) I'm glad the gramps took a dirt nap in this episode, he was a snake in the grass!

On: Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Jaclyn said:

Hi Dawn - I agree. I did find his obsession with his 'daughter' not bringing back his wife a little odd to say the least.

Dean should have told him how eager she was to get away from that life and live a normal, monster free existence.


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