Supernatural, "Frontierland": the good, the bad and the (darn-right) ugly

Quick Take: Supernatural, “Frontierland”
The Phoenix will not be rising this time! 


Review: Supernatural, “Frontierland”
(S0618) Sam leads Bobby and Dean to the Campbell family library in a bid to find something that might help them against the mother of all, Eve. In the library they discover that the ashes of the Phoenix can burn the mother; they search the library further trying to find a reference to the Phoenix itself. Dean stumbles upon Samuel Colt’s journal, with an entry made on March 5th, 1861 in Sunrise, Wyoming documenting just what they need.

He calls Castiel, which goes a little awry when a female Angel, Rachel, comes instead; she clearly does not like them and calling herself a friend to Castiel, whilst they only call him when they stub their collective toes. At this point Castiel arrives to dismiss his lieutenant, and upon discovering the boys’ plan to go back and help Colt, agrees to assist.

Back at Bobby’s, Sam and Bobby prepare, whilst Dean is out getting supplies. Castiel tells Sam that he can only give them 24 hours, and when Sam asks why, Castiel responds, “The answer to your question can best be expressed as a series of partial differential equations.” “Yeah, aim lower,” advises Bobby, indicating his explanation is a little too complex.

Castiel explains that the farther back he sends them, the harder it is to retrieve them. “24 hours is all I can risk. If I don’t pull you home within that time you’ll be lost to me.”

Dean’s back and it’s clear he has been shopping for clothing. He is clearly excited about their trip, evidenced by his Clint Eastwood stylization from the Spaghetti westerns.  Castiel tells them he will bring them back in 24 hours and sends the boys back to March 4th 1861, to give them time to hook up with Samuel Colt and kill the creature. When the boys enter the town they witness a hanging. A man named Elias Finch is sentenced to death for killing his wife by a judge, who pronounces sentence standing on the hanging platform along with the Sheriff and his deputy. When asked if he has any last words, Finch says they will all burn.

The boys head to the Sheriff’s office and are greeted with the three men responsible for the hanging. Dean introduces himself as Marshall Eastwood (cue a quick Spaghetti western musical reference), revealing the badge from underneath his waistcoat, and indicates Sam is Walker, “a Texas Ranger.” Sam tells them that they need to find Samuel Colt and the Sheriff directs them to ask Elkins over at the saloon.

The boys enter the saloon and Dean’s obvious delight is quickly erased when the scene is one sleeping drunk, and some ropey looking saloon girls.  “This is not awesome,” he remarks.

Elkins tells the boys that Colt passed through about 4 years earlier and was last heard of building a railway in the middle of nowhere so they know they are on the right track. As Dean orders them a drink a saloon girl comes down the stairs, her lips showing signs of cold sores, probably herpes! She approaches Dean and offers her services, getting way too close for comfort. The judge calls her away and she reluctantly goes upstairs for their “date.”

They are not up there long when a scream is heard. The boys rush upstairs to find a pile of ashes on the bed. The saloon girl claims it was Elias Finch, the hanged man. The Sheriff inspects the scene a little later and states that it was not a ghost, pointing out the footprints leading from the room. He tells Sam and Dean he is going to form a posse.

Castiel is in some abandoned warehouse; Rachel has called him there and confronts him. The two fight and Castiel is badly wounded, but manages to kill Rachel and crash lands in Bobby’s kitchen, where he places a Sigil in his blood on the fridge door before passing out into Bobby’s arms.

Dean and Sam check out Finch’s grave site and discover the grave is empty. This is their Phoenix! Reluctantly, Sam agrees to go find Colt whilst Dean joins the Posse. They go and  buy Sam a horse. Sam takes off knowing he must be back by 11am in order to get the job done.

We are introduced to Samuel Colt via two demons who have tracked him down. Colt tells them he is retired, but when the demons refuse to go, he despatches both with the “Colt”. He returns from burying them to hear someone coming into his cabin, Sam Winchester. He throws holy water and Sam immediately tells him he’s not a demon, and explains where he is from and why he’s there. Colt asks for proof, and Sam hands him his cell phone. Colt has no idea about a Phoenix and maintains he’s retired. Sam argues that no one retires from hunting, but Colt is adamant. Sam tries his hardest to stir Colt’s sense of duty, but the man does not want to budge.

Castiel awakens at Bobby’s, still weak. He tells Bobby he can’t retrieve the boys. Bobby insists something must juice him up, a spell? Castiel explains there is one thing; he needs to touch Bobby’s soul, which is dangerous for Bobby. Despite the possibility of exploding, Bobby tells him he’ll do it.

Back in Sunrise, Dean discovers the Sheriff is dead. Elkins pins the Sheriff’s badge on Dean, who finds the deputy in a hotel room hastily packing a suitcase. Dean convinces him to be used as bait, and he takes the deputy to the jail and locks him inside.

Finch arrives and demands he opens the cell, removing his gloves as he does so. Dean tells him to do it himself because he has identified iron is a repellent to Finch.

In answer to Dean’s question about why Finch didn’t simply leave, Finch explains how he was setup by the deputy. Dean understands now, but still informs Finch that he will kill him. He smiles at Dean, “If you know what I am then you know you can’t.” With that, Finch snatches a gun from its holster hanging by the jail cell and shoots the deputy dead. Dean dives out of the window as Finch tries to kill him too.

Sam’s reappearance without Samuel Colt, but with Colt’s revolver is timely. Dean calls Finch out and the two men stand facing each other, both stretch their guns hands and draw. Back at Bobby’s Castiel is juicing up on Bobby’s soul, the power flowing through him. Dean’s aim is true and Finch is burned up and crashes to the ground in a pile of ashes. Sam, realising the time, yells for Dean to get the ashes. As Dean races to reach them, he and Sam are back at Bobby’s and Dean has an empty bottle, no ashes. They apologise to Bobby because they came back empty-handed.

Just then, there is a knock on the door. A delivery courier with a very nice Pony Express logo on his jacket describes the package for Sam Winchester has been around forever. Sam hears the name Samuel Colt as the sender and he retrieves the package and brings it inside to open it. Inside he finds a note from Samuel to Sam explaining how Colt had the address from Sam’s thingamajig (cell phone) which Sam had left with him by accident.

Now they can take the fight to Eve.

By Jaclyn

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Absolutely passionate about Supernatural.

English freelance writer who has contributed to Sports and Entertainment genres.

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