Supernatural, "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning": fraying plot threads

Quick Take: Supernatural, “Mannequin 3: The Reckoning"
A loose end gets tied up... poorly.


Review: Supernatural, “Mannequin 3: The Reckoning"
(S0614) When I first saw the title of this episode when it was released I was a bit befuddled. Okay, “Mannequin 3...” must be a spoof on the 1987 movie and its ’91 sequel but what to make of “...The Reckoning”? I thought it would mean a day of reckoning in the sense there would be some sort of retribution for ones' actions, possibly soulless Sam in particular. However, it turned out to refer to the settlement of certain plot points and specifically the Lisa and Ben story arc.

The retribution for past actions seems to fall slightly on Sam as he is torn between reclaiming his lost year and abiding by Dean’s wishes to leave the past alone in lieu of staying alive. However, I think the reckoning falls mostly on Dean as he had to deal with his decision to leave Lisa and Ben. The settlement of accounts in a nutshell occurred with the Lisa/Ben music montage as Dean drove back to see Sam. I’m hoping that wasn’t the writer’s way of tying off that story line and moving on. If it is, someone’s paycheck should get docked for agreeing to that shabby send-off. They go to all of the trouble to make them seem significant in the first couple episodes of Season Six and then you’re given their blink and you miss its send-off. If this turns out to be the Lisa/Ben swan song then the story arc conclusion will equate to a big steaming pile of Wendigo (you know what).

Now, onto the spook of the week: I came across some viewers saying the mannequins were creepy. However, they were a little lackluster for my taste. Admittedly, I’m willing to give a small nod of approval toward the anatomy dummy with the moving eyes. The MOTW frittered in this episode. I liked the beginning and the ending, but the middle... not so much. Sort of felt like Season One’s “Bugs” all over again. It was an episode where I liked a handful of conversations nad moments between Sam and Dean but the actual story and MOTW were poorly conveyed. I’m not going to recap this episode like I usually do as I’m more interested in chewing on the commentary (if you’d like a recap of what happened, head here).

One positive thing to note is the ratings. They went up 15% and had 2.26 million viewers tune in according to Matt Mitovich. It’s surprising that what equates to a filler episode did so well, but I’m glad to hear it.

I did love that we weren’t denied the angst of the aftermath of Sam’s seizure and subsequent journey down Hell’s memory lane. Jensen Ackles did a great job of conveying barely controlled panic and emotion as Dean begged his brother to wake up. Good stuff!

The ending of the episode was a nice cap to an otherwise flat balloon of an episode. It had beautiful bookends: the opening scene of unconscious Sam's angst and then the Dean and Sam conversation at the end where Sam thanked his brother for getting his soul back and reminded him that he has his back for whatever they may face. There was a gentle softness in Dean’s eyes when he looked at his little brother, an affection we haven’t seen that clearly for a while. The Winchesters are rebuilding their relationship and I’m happy to see it. Man, have I missed it!

So, with this episode behind us as we look to this week’s coming meta-episode, “The French Mistake.” I think I’m going to take some of Dean’s advice to Sam, “the past stays past” and “Mannequin 3: The Reckoning” is in the past... let’s move on!

Episode Grade (two parts): Overall, D+ but an A- for the opening segment and brother conversations.

Video:Supernatural, "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning"
One of my very few favorite scenes from the episode:

By Dawn Nyberg

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Dawn has a passion for the show Supernatural & everything that makes it great: acting, story arcs & classic rock. She loves episode spoilers, conventions & sneak peek clips. Follow her on Twitter: @Feretory

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On: Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Jaclyn said:

Firstly, I detested the Lisa/Ben arc simply because it was never Dean - we discovered what he really thought in episode 6 - so if that's it done, thank heavens. It was a cheap suit and he didn't wear it well.

This episode might not have been the strongest, but it had some peaks and in particular the 'bonding' that is beginning to take place. What I want to know is this - previous episode, Caged Heat, Dean threatened to kill Samuel if he ever sees him again, yet its Bobby who will argue angrily with him? On the Dean retribution theme - whatever happened to the 'when I get back I'll kill you' in the season five episode, Dark Side of the Moon - we have got to see some meat whacking there! They killed his brother, Dean isn't too forgiving...if he's like his father and I believe in that aspect he is - those two hunters are not safe.


Onward indeed - I am eagerly anticipating the next episode, it looks like a hoot! Misha Collins tweeting, who'd have thunk it? That dude is seriously insane and all the better for it - he's even giving us the Ghadafi treatment.

I'd also like to know if we've got any inkling on a season 7 and beyond? The potential is endless - can I suggest they use James Marsters as a vampire at some point - it would be hilarious!

We need more Castiel too - and I will be interested to see what he does to Meg next time they meet!

On: Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Dawn Nyberg said:

Hey Jacsiss, I didn't hate the L&B&D story line but always thought it could have been handled differently. I don't mind thatit is likely over but the tying up of that end could have been done better since their set-up wasn't that great from the jump.

I loved the bonding happening, as well, and was the only aspect of the epi that I gave an "A" toward. Well, I've heard that Roy&Walt do make a come back this season and I'm pretty sure I heard that Dean hunts them, althought when he he was about to die he warned them when he came back he was going to be "pissed", so that may mean you're dead or he's just going to clean the floor with them. Although, they did kill Sam in cold blood, I think at minimum their life is on contract by Dean. I'm also curious to see how Dean handles seeing Samuel once again. Although, he may be more busy in trying to keep Sam from wanting to know thew man, as he has no real memories of the man save the spiderwoman hunt he was on with him and those are just sketchy. Sam has no memories of the betrayal of Samuel with Crowley. So, Dean may be more focussed on his brother but I could see a punch or something coming Samuel's way via Dean, we'll see. Maybe, Bobby is pulling the Papa Bear and takes point on this, so Dean doesn't lose his cool and actually kill the guy.

Yep, I'm looking forward the meta-episode, too! I think Misha is a great guy in real life and I like Castiel, as well. But, Misha playing himself this week for "The French Mistake" is going to be hilarious :-)

Appreciate you taking the time to comment, Jacsiss! SPN Rocks!!

On: Thursday, February 24, 2011
Jaclyn said:

I enjoy interacting with thoughts and ideas, so appreciate your articles/review and taking the time to share your thoughts on mine :)

I really hope we see the hunter side of Dean kicking Walt/Roy's asses. What they did was mean, even given Sam's misguided role - to simply kill him without thought or conscience was enough to make my blood boil. I figure it's time we see Robo-Dean for a change. I've always thought he was deadlier than Sam when riled, given his far stronger family loyalty (Sam seemed to spend way too much of his time running away). I'd like to see Jo and Ellen back too - let's face it, those two were awesome giving a 'female family bonding' situation.

What's your take on the manic 'homo-erotic' desires of much of fandom? I was watching lots of convention footage (I happily avoid such fanfic, being an avid Stargate fan and aware of Slash ficition). Misha seems to tease them all very nicely and I get a feeling that the writers play with it too. I know the actors in Stargate were horrified at this aspect, especially Richard Dean Anderson (older I guess).

I want to see more Castiel screen time, I love how the character is having issues with his 'people skills'.

Back to Lisa and Ben - It wasn't so much hate, maybe I was a little strong, it was the whole this is so not Dean, issue I felt. We spoke about it on twitter and it was difficult to get my head around and having rewatched from S1-S5 on blu ray(exception s2 which was on dvd), I couldn't find any references to Dean the home maker. Weird, I thought Lisa had a good attitude towards Dean and patient given his behaviour - but they never dealt with the vampire visit either... his behaviour was creepy, why wasn't she fazed by this at all? I think they should have left it rather than delve and then rush through it and make Dean's character go through hoops he's never expressed a wish to do.

Would love to write an episode of the show I enjoy a challenge and might attempt some ficition (write mostly Stargate).

I just hope the second half of the season or what's left of it is Castiel heavy, and I'd love to see what happens with Meg!

On: Thursday, February 24, 2011
Dawn Nyberg said:

Hi Jacsiss, I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment :-) I always try to answer back on comments left.

Yes, I'd like to see Robo-Dean with Roy and Walt, as well. There will be some more Castiel heavy episodes before the season ends. I've heard that the civil war in heaven will be addressed, so I suspect that will be a Cas heavy epi.

Well, to address your question on my take with the "homo-erotic" desires of the fandom with SPN, etc. It's not my thing and avoid reading fanifc that is slash. I'm not sure what drives this in fandom. I first noticed this slash fanfic approach with "Highlander: the Series" now those were some rabid fans and 99% of them were women writers pairing characters. Not sure what fuels it but different strokes for different folks. I love fanfic and enjoy writing it but don't do any slash.

I thik the lack of L&D convo about the vamp epi was more oversight on the writers part than character avoidance. Just another loose end I'm suspecting.

Also, since Meg is still out there somewhere we could get another visit from her in an epi this season but I haven't heard any rumors yet to indicate she will be, but the potential is there. I'm looking forward to the 2 hour season finale. I say season finale because I feel SPN will get a S7 reneweal the CW would have to be nuts not to. I'm hoping to do an article on this soon. Hopefully, I'll get it written before they actually make any announcements.

I have high hopes for the remainder of S6 ... it's hard to believe that counting this week's meta-episode we have only 8 eps left. I see more Cas before the close of S6 and possibly more Meg, too. Thanks again for reading and commenting!

On: Thursday, February 24, 2011
Jaclyn said:

Thanks again, Dawn, I sincerely look forward to reading your articles here. There was a civil war in the Stargate fandom over slashing characters. It was scary. I haven't personally written any Supernatural stuff yet - real life keeps getting in the way. I do however write a lot and will attempt some at some point.

Best wishes, thanks for keeping me/us informed.


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