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Quick Take: Supernatural, "My Heart Will Go On"
Sinking the Titanic just became Fate’s number one priority.


Review: Supernatural, "My Heart Will Go On"
(S0617) The seventeenth episode of Season Six of Supernatural was long awaited following what we fans call "Hellatus," which translates as hiatus. Following a six-week marathon of a Supernatural-less universe we fans were about to burst! Titbits from the producers, stars, and directors of the upcoming episodes quelled some of the pain, but the thirst had become almost epic when finally April 15th arrived, and fans worldwide held their collective breath. It is a great shame that the show cannot air worldwide at the same time – imagine the ratings then? The CW ought to consider a link with Sky at some juncture to make that happen – it would be phenomenal and probably garner the biggest audiences the network has ever known. If Live Aid could do it (just something to consider network bigwigs!)...

So, to the episode itself: many might bemoan that undoing a major disaster from the past has been done before, yes, but tipping the balance in the future was given the Supernatural treatment with witty aplomb and with the customary reference to "The Butterfly Effect" not too far into a superb episode, it was quickly given the tugged forelock of recognition.

Bobby is morose, and drinking steadily following the death of Rufus Turner,(Steven Williams), in the shocking 16th episode "And Then There Were None," clearly blaming himself for being the instrument of his death when possessed by Season Six adversary Eve’s Khan worm. Neither Sam nor Dean want to approach this, but both are worried about their surrogate father – even if his ornery attitude and grumpy demeanour makes it difficult to broach the obvious distress Bobby is shouldering.

The impression that Dean and Sam have been loitering protectively at Bobby’s house is given when he demands that they go, refusing to acknowledge that his depression is indeed fuelled by the loss of his long time friend, saviour and colleague, Rufus.

Sam has found a job in Chester, Pennsylvania that has piqued his interest – members of the same family are dying, with the last one was decapitated by a garage door. Bobby tells them he’s not leaving the house, so Sam and Dean practically with Bobby’s boot, go to investigate. The boys get into their car, a Mustang (first clue something is amiss for any devotee) and whilst Dean is confident "she will be there soon," Sam is worried about leaving Bobby.

The "she" in question is Bobby’s wife and further clues (if spoilers had not been attained during Hellatus) to the "hinky" situation unfolding before us become more evident when Ellen Harvelle, who died in Season Five's  "Abandon All Hope," is now Mrs. Bobby Singer and very much alive. Although not seen, there is also mention of her daughter Jo, who also died in "Abandon All Hope," hunting in Los Angeles with her crew.

Following some investigation, Sam and Dean have no clue as to what is happening, speaking with Ellen on the phone the mention of all the victims coming to the USA in 1912, and all on the same boat leads to the question – "What’s the name of the boat?" "The Titanic."

Sam does some research on this mysterious ship that no one appears to have heard of, and discovers that a certain first mate on this ship managed to spot an iceberg in time to avert a disaster. Looking closely he reads out the name of this hero – Mr I. P. Freeley, which immediately sets the alarm bells off for both Winchester boys.

The old grainy image is none other than Balthazar, the naughty Angelic presence this season, played with such pizzazz and tongue-in-cheek English villain style by the charismatic Sebastian Roche. Realising he’s been tinkering with history, the boys immediately use a summoning spell in order to discover his motives.

Balthazar claims to have prevented the sinking to avoid the really bad movie ever being made – and further to prevent a certain song from making the career of one Celine Dion. Apparently he wanted to ‘smite himself’ when he heard that song. As the conversation continues the boys quickly realise that Balthazar had effectively changed the present by altering the past – "there is no rule book," he advises.  The boys are obviously stunned and demand that Balthazar goes back and sinks, it as someone is killing all those that were now alive because of his ‘tampering’. Balthazar makes a comment about not caring and not ‘being mistaken for the angel in the dirty trench coat who’s in love with you’ directed pointedly toward Dean, before informing them that his "tampering" had meant Ellen and Jo were no longer dead.

That particular bombshell gives pause to both; losing Jo and Ellen is clearly not something that they had ever contemplated and equally it would as Dean says affect Bobby terribly to lose Ellen.  “He’s bad enough with her.”

A call to Bobby finally reveals that they are dealing with "Fate" herself, one of three sisters in Greek mythology. Bobby says that ‘Fate is merely clearing up the mess’ and suggests the quickest fix would be to sink the boat. Dean tries to clumsily skirt around that as an option, and finally has to tell Bobby that if the boat goes down both Jo and Ellen are part of the dominoes that will get knocked over. Bobby makes them swear not to let the Angels sink the ship, and tells them they must stop Fate.

50,000 descendants need saving, and Sam remarks that they have no clue as to who those potential victims might be. Except one, Dean points out, a man Dean had spoken to earlier, Shawn Russo, who was related to some of the victims.

Trying to save him however is futile, after preventing a car from hitting him, whilst he’s remonstrating with them and threatening to sue, he steps out in front of a bus.  The boys are shocked, Dean however in true fashion spots the irony on the back of the bus, the man’s own advert ‘Shawn Russo – Justice Matters’. Sam’s obvious disdain immediately makes Dean remark, "Too soon?" Sam looks across toward a building and spots a woman looking right at them, who quickly disappears from view as he tells Dean he thinks he’s just seen Fate. Dean decides to go have a chat, and the boys head toward the building.

Fate, played by guest star Katie Walder, is indeed inside, and she’s laid a trap for the boys, turning on all of the gas mains in the kitchen of a soon to open restaurant.  On cue, Dean’s flashlight fails, and he turns to his trusty lighter which refuses to light until they push through two doors leading to the kitchen. As it ignites, so does the gas; the explosion would have engulfed them had it not been for Castiel. He informs them that Fate has a hate on for them since they wrecked her role when they stopped the apocalypse. Castiel acknowledges that Balthazar is impetuous and tells them they will have to kill Fate, as he knows that she will not stop; Balthazar has a weapon that can kill her. Dean, shaking his head pointedly, tells Castiel he needs new friends. Castiel’s stern rebuke "I am trying to save the friends I have" makes for a very telling response for a myriad of reasons. He tells them that they must tempt fate, as the expression goes.

We rejoin the boys back in the city, knowing they could die at any moment they are very aware of everything around them, from kids on skateboards and bikes flying past them, to a pair of dogs growling as they approach. This culminates in them having to walk through some street jugglers who favour knives and hatchets. Making it through that hazard, they come upon a man using a nail gun and grimace as he tries to clear a jam. Continuing down the street, Dean remarks, ‘Who do you have to kill to get killed around here?’ Just as the words leave his mouth someone shouts "LOOK OUT" and an air conditioning unit above the boys is falling right on top of them. Freeze frame: the boys looking up at the object.

Castiel walks into the frozen-in-time scene, and as he does so, Fate confronts him, complaining that he and his circus clowns, Sam and Dean, stopping the prize fight had made her life unbearable, that she had no role since he tore up the script. Castiel tells her that freedom is preferable; she retorts immediately, this is chaos. Castiel informs that her services are no longer required and she is furious with him, telling him that it was bad enough changing the future, but going back and changing the past was the last straw. She warns him that she is aware that Balthazar is acting under his orders and that he created 50,000 new souls for Castiel’s "war machine."  Castiel responds that she had no idea what she’s talking about, "you’re confused."  “No, you can’t just mint money, Castiel, it’s wrong, it’s dangerous and I won’t let you.”

Castiel seems to understand what she’s saying but he tells her that she doesn’t have a choice. She agrees but warns, “If you don’t go back and sink that boat, I’m gonna kill your two favourite pets!“ She’s looking toward Sam and Dean.

When Castiel tells her he won’t let her and the response is chilling. “Think about this, I’ve got two sisters out there, they’re bigger in every sense of the word, kill me, Sam and Dean are target 1 for simple vengeance. You’re not fighting a war or anything right, you can watch them every millisecond of every day, because maybe you’ve heard fate strikes when you least expect it.”

Castiel prevents Balthazar from blitz attacking and obviously killing her, his anxiety for the welfare of Sam and Dean overriding whatever it is he felt he needed the 50,000 souls for, and he orders Balthazar to sink the boat, thus restoring balance once more.

The boys awake in the Impala to Celine Dion singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’, Dean quickly turns it off. The car is still parked at Bobby’s and both seem lethargic, and Dean seems genuinely surprised by the time. Both he and Sam apparently had the same dream, until Castiel turns up and tells them it wasn’t a dream, “I insisted that he (Balthazar) go back in time and correct what he had done, it was the only way to be sure you were safe.”

Sam responds about him killing 50,000 people for ‘us’. No, Castiel says "they were never born which is far from different, wouldn’t you say?"

He confirms Dean’s fear that Ellen and Jo are dead, and despite the whole timeline being erased he wanted Sam and Dean to remember what had taken place so they would know "who Fate really is, she’s cruel and capricious." He tells the boys that they taught him that you can make your own destiny you don’t have to ruled by fate, you can choose freedom. ‘I still believe that that’s something worth fighting for. I just wanted you to understand that.’

Castiel clearly lies to Dean about Balthazar being solely responsible for the un-sinking – badly if truth be told, and whilst I could be wrong in Sam looking dubious, Dean is clearly loyal to Castiel’s word.

The final scene sees the boys finding Bobby sleeping on his couch; they agree not to tell him what happened since he doesn’t remember any of it. Dean touchingly tells Sam to leave him sleeping, it’s the happiest he’s been in a while, and covers him over. The episode ends on that poignant moment, and it begs some very interesting questions.


  • Castiel is clearly hiding his persona required to fight the war against Raphael; he regrets this and is embarrassed by his deeds but it is clear it will not stop him going to some dark places to get the job done. Has he allowed his leadership to tarnish him? Possibly, but something else is evident; whilst Balthazar’s comment about him ‘being in love’ with Dean (and or Sam) might have been a designed remark to cast him in a good light, the fact that Castiel would not tempt fate following the threat to Sam and Dean’s lives was very clear. The souls are important, we understand this now, and clearly have some ability or power advantage. Hell wants souls, and it appears that Heaven’s armies need them too in order to draw strength. Death told Dean he would know about the issue of souls when the time was right. Will that mean that Dean and Castiel will have a spectacular falling out?
  • Castiel wasn’t interested in souls previously, not until Balthazar’s statement of worth, and the fact he kept Balthazar alive to aid in the war shows he needs someone willing to think outside the box, and make decisions or suggestions that Castiel might otherwise find compromising and unsavoury. He needs Balthazar, and it will soon become apparent why. Crowley clearly wanted to hold onto Bobby’s soul and I’ve a feeling the soul issue is going to be enormous, and might not end this season, but continue into the next!
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