Supernatural Season Eight finale packs emotional punch

(S0823) The novelist and playwright, Dodie Smith may not have lived to ever know of Sam and Dean Winchester, however, I still think she would have understood them just fine because in her words, "... the family, that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor in our innermost heart never quite wish to ..." pretty much embraces the core behind the CW show "Supernatural". 

SPN S8 EP 23 Finale

Supernatural Season Eight came to a cliffhanger conclusion on May 15, 2013 leaving fans wringing their hands over the summer long hiatus. The season had its ups and downs in execution of storylines and overall writing, but ultimately one must not look at how the chapter began or developed but how it ended. The finale was sublime perfection courtesy of showrunner Jeremy Carver. Have you ever had a TV show wrap itself around you, so tightly that the experience of it leaves you spent? Where viewer reactions are on a visceral level? "Supernatural" came into the world in September 2005 and now as its eighth season concluded we are all left without tether from our port with anticipation until season 9 comes back to us in the fall.
The show has always been about two brothers, Sam and Dean, complete with their messy family squabbles, betrayals, great losses, yet there was always love. The fandom has often had its segregation between the brothers, each fan declaring themselves in one camp or another. We have our Sam or Dean girl's and some are simply Winchester girls. Of course, the male fans exist, too, and deserve a nod. The start of Season 8 didn't help matters when it came to those fans who supported one brother and wanted to string the other up. Blame and judgments were cast about like stones but it begs the question that after the season 8 finale when all was laid bare between Sam and Dean to one another, how can there still be fans that embrace one character over another? Sam and Dean were raw, evoking and so real in the finale. They each acknowledged in their own words and ways how they had failed or let down the other. The finale was unifying for Sam and Dean, so one can hope it is for the fandom, as well. There will always be the naysayers and complainers but eventually they are destined to become white noise, but I digress.
It's no secret that the chemistry between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles is the magic bullet to the success of Sam and Dean Winchester and subsequently the show. The eloquent and raw perfection of their church scene in the final minutes of the finale was the most powerful onscreen SPN finale since season 5's, "Swan Song". It isn't often that a show so profoundly effects its viewers, as "Supernatural" has since it first aired. It makes you feel sorry for the TV masses that have not discovered this show. Yet, in the same breath you're thankful you tuned in that night in 2005 or listened to a friend's prodding to 'watch just one episode' and you were whisked away into the Winchester world. We are looking ahead to season 9 and its possibilities with an eager hope. It is important to say that it is a travesty that neither Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles have won an Emmy during their time on "Supernatural" as there has been numerous times on any given season that it would be well deserved. Season 8 is no exception for either actor and season 9 is filled with possibility.
Jeremy Carver, this is a personal thank you for bringing Sam and Dean back to their "stone number one" which is each other above all else, above Heaven, above Hell, thank you, Mr. Carver. The finale set the stage for a multitude of potential and various story arcs, for Sam and Dean, Castiel and even Kevin, perhaps Crowley, too, time will tell. The final image viewers were left with was one of the brothers looking skyward at the haunting beauty of angels falling from Heaven flaming toward Earth. Well, my dear "Supernatural" there remains only one more question: Is it time for season 9, yet? Happy summer hiatus fandom!
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By Dawn Nyberg

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Dawn has a passion for the show Supernatural & everything that makes it great: acting, story arcs & classic rock. She loves episode spoilers, conventions & sneak peek clips. Follow her on Twitter: @Feretory

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