Supernatural Season Eight: let the fandom uproar commence, yet again

"Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?"might be what each brother is thinking, so far this season. The Supernatural fandom has one episode under their belts with the premiere, "We Need To Talk About Kevin," that aired on October 3rd. Now, this Wednesday, October 10th, will see the second episode of the season air, "What's Up Tiger Mommy?"


It's no mystery that there has been some mudslinging happening between the "Sam girls" and the "Dean girls"and I'm sad to say it happens almost every year without fail. The bone to pick this year is that Sam didn't look for his brother and quit hunting apparently to go live a life and maybe finding love. It was said during a private Q&A at a recent con by Jensen Ackles (Dean) that there will be more details to shed some light on Sam's time without Dean. I'm a Winchester girl, because I realize that without a Dean or a Sam there is absolutely no show. Sam had no reason to believe that his brother survived that energy explosion, so he didn't look for Dean. I see no issue with him leaving hunting either, but I do agree with most that he dropped the ball with Kevin by not looking for him. That was a situation he could have followed up on and he should have kept the phone that Kevin had the number for, but he didn't. Now, Sam apologized and owned up to Kevin for his mistake and if Kevin isn't holding a grudge what right do I have as a viewer and a fan? None.

Yes, this season has started off with the brother's off balance, again, but why is that so devastating to viewers? Why all the hand wringing? It's not the end of the world (that was season 5) and like the apocalypse was averted, so shall this strife among the brothers, eventually. If I wanted to watch a show about family that apparently get along all the time and never have any 'real' issues then I'd be watching reruns of "The Waltons" because "Supernatural" has always been about family, about two brothers that are believable and have a 'real' presence of brotherhood in all its messy ups and downs.

I think more will be revealed that Sam had a difficult time when he lost his brother yet again and that walking away wasn't a quick stride but an uneven gait toward an empty future. I think viewers are going to see a different side of Dean, as well this season after his time in Purgatory. Now, anyone that comes back from Purgatory and calls the place "pure" might have some issues.

When I watched the premiere several times, I noticed something in one of the flashbacks of Dean in Purgatory when he beheaded the vampire against the tree. His face showed not just satisfaction but pleasure. It was a split second just before he was jumped by the other vampire but it was there, the joy of the kill it even reached his eyes with a glint for just a brief moment. Everyone keeps saying that Dean will have PTSD issues this season but I have to ask myself why?

The man has been to Hell and was tortured for 30 years before he got off the rack and became the torturer for another ten years prior to his liberation from the pit via the angel Castiel. Maybe, it's more 'tweaking' or rather withdrawl after such a constant state of hyper vigilance rather than complete PTSD. Of course, we have Benny the vampire BFF that Dean met in Purgatory. One could posit that Dean is a bit of a hypocrite for that relationship after what he did to Sam's friend Amy. Yes, Amy killed but for her child, otherwise she had been reformed for years. Are we supposed to believe that Benny never killed or fed from a human prior to his trip down under? I'm thinking, 'no'.

Let's face it neither Sam or Dean are perfect and both brothers have issues that reach from here to the moon, but flinging mud at one brother or another is pointless. Unless, we've all been watching a different show these past eight years, I'm pretty sure I signed on for a show about two brothers because to put it bluntly there is no show without either of them.

I'm not naive enough to believe that the fans who wail and bemoan storylines over spoilers and episode synopses will ever change. Some fans will launch virtual hate campaigns against one character over something or another. Plus, there will always be those that say they aren't going to watch anymore. I just wish people would figure out what show they are watching and realize what made them watch in the first place. If the brothers had no issues or any friction what would be the point in watching? The characters of the show touch us because they are believable and that is the reason we have invested eight years of riding around in an Impala with Sam and Dean. The show's creator Eric Kripke had it right when he penned that perfect speech which was narrated by Chuck at the end of the season five finale, and one line rings very true, "... the fans are always gonna bitch...".

So, for all those bemoaning the current state of things after just one episode just remember that the boys always find their way back to each other and that at the end of the day this show is about brothers not a singular character. Now, for those viewers that tend toward my take on things, just sit back and enjoy the ride like you always do. You can expect some big bumps but when the road smoothes out and all you hear is the rumble of the Impala against asphalt and the comfortable banter between brother's it makes all the downs seem much smaller and oh, so unimportant in the end. Enjoy the ride!

By Dawn Nyberg

About the author

Dawn has a passion for the show Supernatural & everything that makes it great: acting, story arcs & classic rock. She loves episode spoilers, conventions & sneak peek clips. Follow her on Twitter: @Feretory

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