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Supernatural hits new heights as it mirrors reality.


Review: Supernatural, "The French Mistake"
(S0615) I am a huge Supernatural fan, I make no bones about it. The much anticipated "The French Mistake" was worth the energy, excitement and, dare I say it, Twitter freeze from one M Collins.

The episode was chock full of "in jokes" as Dean and Sam were transported through a transdimensional window into the ultra reality of their real life alter-egos, JP & JA. Gen Padalecki was awesome in a cameo of an actress and wife whilst Misha Collins showed how utterly brilliant he is at sending himself up and jumping from character to character without pause or regard for image! He's especially great in his last "Misha" part -- and naturally chooses to ham it up as the moment called for.

Jensen and Jared, AKA Dean and Sam, portraying themselves as Jensen and Jared brought a whole new peak to the performances -- acting badly in the "scenes" from the other dimension -- whilst being macho and complaining about make-up.

Dean's horror at his beloved Impala being a prop was tangible whilst Jared (Sam) made the art of looking bemused seem easy! The menace coming from a "keeper of the weapons of heaven" was nicely under/over played too. All credit to everyone who appeared as themselves in this episode because it shows how much they care about their show and how seriously they take themselves... not a bit judging from Sera's telephone call.

Kripke off in a cabin (sounds like Chuck) writing his latest pilot -- well played again not by Kripke, but nicely done just the same. Cliff (J&J bodyguard) was absolutely awesome. The whole driving his charges about and the correction of his name (as if it happens regularly) by Sam (Jared)  was hilarious especially given the aping the actors themselves were doing with their real lives. Yes, this gets confusing I know!

All in all Part One was fantastic (Balthazar showing up, with some great exposition) and sending them through the dimensional portal into the alternate reality "them" was inspiring, as was the return journey where we meet Raphael's new meat suit -- a woman this time. Balthazar shows up nicely to bring the episode full circle, and so begins Part Two of the episode. Seemingly unintimidated by the Arc Angel and with just cause -- he and Castiel were duping Raphael and now it seems for the moment at least they have him at bay (her) which just reflects the irony of this episode even more.

Balthazar (Sebastian Roche), who excellently compliments the cast (a job the casting people of the show do so well), appears to be extremely adept and an ally to Castiel in a way that perhaps one would have expected Anna to be before she went RoboAngel darkside.

Misha Collins should be mentioned again here for his amazing performance and the amount of acting he is capable of doing with expressions alone. He conveys so much with his eyes that you get the feeling that when the show gets renewed, Misha might be an even bigger part of the cast since he and the brilliant Jared-Jensen dynamic seem to elevate each other with their performances and presence.

All in all, a brilliant episode, and my compliments to everyone involved, from the stunt coordinator to the crew, cast, and to those who are willing to show they are capable of laughing at themselves as well as with the fans about how Kookee we can be!

By Jaclyn

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Absolutely passionate about Supernatural.

English freelance writer who has contributed to Sports and Entertainment genres.

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On: Saturday, February 26, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

Huge welcom to TVGA Jacsiss ! 

Great job capturing the energy and passion for a show with a lot going on, to say the least! 

On: Saturday, February 26, 2011
Jaclyn said:

Thanks. I am just so enthused by the show following that episode I had to share.

On: Sunday, February 27, 2011
Danielle said:

So glad you talked about how great Misha was on the show. He is my favorite actor & character on the show, and I just love those "Misha Moments" as I call them when he is given a chance to show how talented he is. But they are too few and far between; he needs to be on more!

On: Sunday, February 27, 2011
Jaclyn said:

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for your thoughts. Yes Misha is amazing - he has such capacity. From his work on 24 (first time I saw him) to Supernatural he's consistently shown how talented he is.

I believe his appearances have been light this year purely because of his new baby's arrival. From what I am told by Dawn Nyberg @feretory (twitter) there will be some very heavy Misha episodes in the last episodes of the season.

On: Sunday, February 27, 2011
Dawn Nyberg said:

Great job, Jacsiss! Yes, it was an awesome episode. I think I'll leave the review of this episode to you :-) I do hope the rumored Misha (Castiel) eps come to fruition as they give more coverage to the civil war in heaven near the end of the season. Of course, a lot depends on season finale versus series finale. Although, I'm confident SPN will have a season finale but until the CW greenlights S7 the ep endings could go either way. Enjoyed the review!

Great job and welcome!

On: Sunday, February 27, 2011
Jaclyn said:

Hi Dawn

Thanks so much. I appreciate your taking time to write it down. I have yet to see a bad review, twitter lit up with appreciation for this episode and the longer the show runs I think the more adept they all become at telling the stories.

On: Monday, March 14, 2011
Celia said:

Hmm, I seem to be the only one who is not digging the new season. Well, not the only one, my roommate isn't impressed either. We stumbled on the show a year or so ago and had many a glorious SN marathon to get all caught up. 

This year it feels like the fire's gone out. IMO, the story lines are mediocre and the character development is lacklustre compared to what they've already given us. It feels like the creative team hasn't really gelled...

The French Mistake was amusing I guess, but ultimately felt like a a bunch of punch lines with no joke. They've written better self-referential material in the past (Changing Channels, for example, or The Real Ghostbusters).

We used to cancel plans in order to spend Friday nights with the Winchesters, but this season we sometimes don't even download it...Oh well.

On: Monday, March 14, 2011
Jaclyn said:

Hi Celia

It is a shame you are not as enthralled as many of us are with season 6 - in so many ways it is relative to season 1 in as much as the overall did not reveal until later in the season and the boys are just hunting monsters.

These shows are always a matter of taste - did you watch the last episode? That was a shocker. I am not a fan of The Real Ghostbusters myself, it's the one thing in the show I don't like to watch and thus skip across when I rewatch the seasons, as I do regularly. Hope we can entice you back - from what I was hearing last night there are some superb episodes to come - including a Castiel centric episode directed by Ben Edlund and a 2 hour season finale written by Eric Kripke.


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