Survivor: Nicaragua, "Company Will Be Arriving": avoiding the vultures

Quick Take: Survivor: Nicaragua, "Company Will Be Arriving"
"It's going to continue to spread like cancerous tentacles through the tribe." - Marty, describing Jane


Review: Survivor: Nicaragua, "Company Will Be Arriving"
(S2108) “The vultures are definitely circling, and it’s dead man walking.”  That was Marty at the very beginning of this episode of Survivor, handicapping his chances of lasting in this game.  The past couple weeks have seen Marty hanging on by a thread, and yet somehow he’s continued to survive while making a series of questionable moves.  Will his good fortune continue?

Marty gets an immediate life raft in the form of the merge.  La Flor gets a key and instructions to pack up and hike to Espada camp.  Espada has a treasure chest that they key unlocks, and it comes complete with new red buffs and a feast.   Marty suggests they name themselves Libertad, Spanish for “liberty,” and they quickly agree.  In a history of terrible merge tribe names, Libertad is not really too bad. 

NaOnka really, really enjoys the feast.  So much so that she proudly passes gas on camera during a confessional.  Yes, you read that right.  NaOnka farted.  I think this is a Survivor first.  But just in case you still had any doubts about NaOnka’s classiness, she then proceeds to steal a bunch of the food and supplies for herself.  Unfortunately for her, she does a terrible job of it.  First Holly spots her grabbing the flour.  Then she inexplicably reveals her stash to Alina, who is in no way her ally. "It's about to get real wicked, I'm dead serious," she says.  Oh, we believe you.

The missing items don’t go unnoticed for long, and quickly NaOnka’s thievery is revealed.  She gives a phony explanation about trying to parcel out the supplies to save for later.  Marty isn’t buying it, and neither should anyone else, but because she’s safely locked into a solid alliance, they kind of brush it off and keep their focus on Alina.

For some reason, Alina is a continual target for everyone.  “She’s definitely outlasted her expected time in this game, and I think everyone agrees it’s time for her to go home,” Benry says.  I really don’t know why everyone hates Alina.  I guess she was aligned with Kelly B, which is pretty unforgivable.   

In the winner for Most Boring Scene of the Night, Jane and Chase bond over living in North Carolina.  Chase can’t seem to have a scene without mentioning how he misses home and loves the South.  Yawn.

Tonight’s immunity challenge was endurance based, but it seemed like it probably lasted all of five minutes.  There were two idols up for grab tonight, one for the men and one for women, and they were tasked to keep pressure on a rod to keep it from dropping. Dan and Purple Kelly win the Colby Donaldson award for dropping out in less than five seconds.  Jane easily wins the female prize, and in a cool moment, refuses to drop out until she outlasts the men.  Fabio hangs on to grab the other idol.  Jane and Fabio were in no real danger tonight, so this is fairly insignificant.

Jane has an impassioned hatred of Marty, which seems to have stemmed from him not including her in his original alliance, but has morphed into her viewing him as a satanic tyrannical misogynist.  She is gung-ho about voting him out, and most of the girls seem fine with it.  Sash, however, is actually interested in honoring his deal with Marty, in which he agreed to give him back the hidden immunity idol at the next tribal council, so he gets people back on track for voting Alina.  Dan puts a bug in Marty’s ear, and Marty’s paranoid campaigning almost blows any goodwill he has left.

Alina and Marty go back and forth gathering votes.  There are so many votes in play right now that it’s pretty tough to keep track of who’s thinking what.  They roll into tribal, and Marty kicks thing off with a diatribe about Jane.  His points are mostly valid:  Jane has had an irrational vendetta against him since the beginning when she aligned herself with the weak people on the old tribe, who were subsequently voted off.  The problem is, Jane has immunity, so I’m not sure what he’s gaining by going after her here, other than making his own target bigger.  

Alina pleads her case, the food stealing issue is raised, and the voting begins.  Marty gets votes from Jane and Alina, but everyone else votes off Alina.  Once again, Marty has escaped being voted out when everything seemed stacked against him.  If he were making any visibly smart moves, we could be crowning him the next great strategist for evading eviction so many times.  As of now though, it kind of just seems lucky.  It’s hard not to root for him now, the same way it was hard not to root for Russell in Samoa when he took down the entire Galu tribe.

Some other thoughts:

  • I guess I don’t really understand the terms of the deal between Sash and Marty.  He didn’t give him the idol back as promised, but he also didn’t vote him out, so I guess the deal is still on?  I’m confused what the plan is there, but one way or another, Sash will either have to turn on Marty or give him the idol back, and he seems reluctant to do either.
  • Aside from her requisite appearances in group shots, Purple Kelly was sadly absent from tonight’s proceedings.  It’s okay though.  She’s just stealthily plotting her way to victory.
  • When Benry voted, he called Alina a “100% grade A dirt squirrel.”  I didn’t know what dirt squirrel meant, but Urban Dictionary tells me it’s a derogatory term for “slut” (as opposed to the nice terms for it).  Benry seemed like he would be a grade A douche from his name alone, but he had seemed fairly cool up until now.  Glad I can get back on the “Benry is a douche” train.
  • That’s all I’ve got.  Check out Tom’s reporting as well!

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    On: Thursday, November 4, 2010
    Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

    I still can't figure out why Marty gave up the immunity idol last week. Nonetheless he keep manages to scrape by. 

    There's a group of 4-5 people that I look forward to seeing get kick out, and he's one of them :-) 


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