Survivor: South Pacific Round-up - black and white

The idea of loyalty, and the gray area associated with defining it, ruled the day this past week on Survivor: South Pacific.

Hey, it beats gnawing on a barbecued pig.

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As we near the half-way point of Survivor's 23rd season, lines are beginning to be drawn and loyalties made more clear.  On the one hand at Savaii, you have Ozzy, who felt betrayed and blindsided after Elyse was sent packing, calling himself a "free agent" who's loyalty can still be won by whomever would want it. Then at Upolu, there were layers upon layers of struggle.  Coach, wondering if withholding info is the same as lying, calling it a "gray area."  Brandon, who gave his word to his alliance, would rather stick to this word out of loyalty, than to consider that maybe his alliance has shifted it's thought.  Albert and Sophie, left to wonder if Coach's decision to vote against them is a simple disagreement, or a fracture in their alliance moving forward.  And poor Rick, who had barely spoken until this past episode, who got caught in the middle, had to put his foot down and fall on one side or the other.  Black, or white.

Here's a collection of Survivor news and info that will get you up to speed, heading into what sounds like a major episode next week (more on that in a bit):

  • Survivor Examiner Recap:  Every week by roughly Midnight EST following the show, my full episode recap can be found at under my column's heading the "Survivor Examiner."  Ozzy throws a tantrum, and Brandon raises his hand at Tribal Council...which we all know cannot signify anything good.
  • TheTVKing: Weekly "Bonus Analysis" of each episode.  Read my break-down of the episode, and what it all means in the big picture.  How has Coach maintained control, and what does Rick's vote mean to him moving forward?  And is Mikayla the answer to defeating Christine at Redemption Island?
  • Exit Interview with Elyse:  Elyse, young and pretty, seemed to be a player to watch for...but it never happened.  Seemingly too wrapped up in Ozzy from the get-go, this revealing interview has us learn that Elyse had never really seen Survivor prior to getting on the show.  She also clears up the true nature of her relationship with Ozzy...was it all in-game strategy or did it carry a touch of romance?
  • Follow Jeff Probst on Twitter and Tout: Just to re-iterate...follow Jeff!!!
  • Dalton Ross, EW: Dalton is a writer for Entertainment Weekly and THE MAN when it comes to Survivor.  Here he gives his weekly recap as only Dalton can, and has his weekly "3 questions with Jeff Probst".  This week Dalton sets the whole "strong alliance versus having numbers going into the merge" debate straight, as he gives us raw data on what has really been more important over the show's 23 seasons.  With Probst, he gets Jeff to say that Brandon has absolutely no shot of winning Survivor.
  • Gordon Holmes, Check out Gordon's weekly Survivor Power Rankings, and meet his opponent this season:  Survivor: Redemption Island's Andrea Boehlke, who will face off against Gordon each week.
  • - Hands down, the best all-around Survivor website out there.  From their page, you can get all of the latest Survivor news, and articles on every single season of Survivor.  For those who like spoilers, they also keep up to speed with spoiler-info, but kept separate from the main page so that fans of all kinds can read and enjoy.
  • RTVZone Survivor Roundtable - Nobody does reality TV like Big Brother's Evil Dick Donato.  His hosts a weekly Survivor Roundtable recap, featuring a whole slew of former Survivor all-stars.  Check it out!
  • Vote for Survivor in the People's Choice Awards for "Favorite TV Competition Show!"
  • Sydney Morning Herald - Sure it's an Australian newspaper, but this past week they published an article saying about Survivor, that it's "time to go...the tribe has spoken."  Has Survivor over-stayed it's welcome on the air?
  • I think you know where I stand on that issue... but maybe next week's episode will help show that Survivor continues to be the best reality TV competition program ever.

    What I'm referring to is quite the tease from Jeff Probst, who delivered this teaser on Wednesday night, regarding next week's episode:  "One of the biggest moves in 23 seasons is made by one player.  You can't even guess what it is.  Couldn't guess if you tried."  Now Probst has over-blown many a tease, but these are some big words! 

    Here's the official description of next week's episode, entitled "Trojan Horse":  "A TRIBE IS IN SHOCK WHEN ONE OF THEIR OWN MAKES A RISKY PLAY THAT WILL GO DOWN IN SURVIVOR HISTORY, ON "SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC," WEDNESDAY, OCT. 26.   One tribe calls upon the heavens in hopes of changing their luck, while the other tribe is left in shock when one of their own makes a risky move that will go down in Survivor history, on SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC, Wednesday, Oct. 26 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network."

    See you then!  And follow me on Twitter, @tomsantilli!

    By FilmSurvivor - Tom Santilli

    About the author

    Tom Santilli is a national columnist and movie critic, who also covers Survivor for  His ongoing work can be found at his blog,  He is a member of the Detroit Film Critic Society, and huge Survivor fan.

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    On: Friday, October 21, 2011
    Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

    Just me or does Brandon get weirder every week? Makes Coach look downright sane! 


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