The Bachelorette (Desiree Hartsock), "Week 5": guten tag Germany

This week the group traveled to Munich, Germany where one suitor left on his own, the dreaded two on one date happened and two guys tried to out one as not being there for the right reasons.

Chris is up first, getting the only one on one date of the week. He and Desiree started the day off with some sightseeing in the city, but it was soon interrupted by Bryden, who last week had doubts about his connection with Desiree. Those doubts were still lingering and he decided to tell her while she is on a date. So while Chris and Desiree were walking the streets of Munich and enjoying the culture, Bryden stalked around to find Desiree so he could tell her he was going home. It was good that Bryden chose to be honest with her, but he could have waited for when she was done with the date. Desiree accepted his decision with grace and didn’t let it ruin her time with Chris. They enjoyed some dinner, Chris read her poetry he wrote and they enjoyed a private concert. After this date, Chris is easily becoming a front runner.

Brooks, Mikey, Zak, James, Juan Pablo, Drew and Kasey got the group date and joined Desiree at the top of Germany’s highest peak, Zugspitze. They did a little yodeling at the top of the mountain and then went sledding down to the bottom. After sledding, they hung out in what looked like an igloo complete with drinks and couches to sit on. Desiree has time with each guy; making snowmen with Mikey, making out with Brooks, then James and Zak tells her that he almost became a priest. While James is with Desiree, Brooks reveals to the cameras his dislike for James and that he thinks he is fake to Desiree. At the end of the day it is Brooks that comes out with the date rose.

The last date goes to Ben and Michael where at the end one stays and one goes. Michael decides that his tactic is to expose Ben as the fraud that the guys think he is. As Desiree, Michael and Ben take a ride in a hot tug; Michael keeps throwing punches at Ben. It is still hard to understand why there is so much hate towards Ben and on this date you kind of feel bad for the guy.

While this date is going on, back at the hotel Kasey and Drew are telling others how they overheard James and Mikey talking about how they were going to get famous from the show and that James had aspirations to be the next Bachelor. This doesn’t sit well with anybody and Drew decides that he is going to tell Desiree at the cocktail party.

Back at the most awkward date ever, Michael keeps the insults going at dinner to the point that Ben leaves the room. Desiree is not happy with Michael and she goes to talk to Ben. Michael realizes that he may now be in trouble and admits his chances of getting a rose have gone up in flames. Desiree decides to have alone time with each guy and they both try to make their case towards getting the rose. Michael apologizes about his awful behavior and Ben tries to convince her he is there for her. She decides on Michael and tries to say goodbye to Ben, but he doesn’t want to. He shows his true colors in the limo by waving to Hollywood and asking how soon can he be seen with another woman.

Before the cocktail party, Desiree sits down with Chris Harrison and tells him she wants to skip the party and head straight to the rose ceremony. As the guys are waiting for her, Drew is plotting to tell her about James. His plans are foiled when Desiree and Chris come to tell them there isn’t going to be a party. Drew, Zak, Kasey and Juan Pablo get roses, with James being the last much to Drew’s dismay. Mikey is the one left out in the cold.

From eleven down to eight, it seems that Chris is making his way to the top with Brooks right behind him. Next week the group goes to Barcelona, Spain where it looks like things get ugly as Drew brings his suspicions about James to Desiree.

By TV geek Erin

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Erin is an avid tv watcher; Castle, The Office, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries, Cougar Town and Game of Thrones among her favorites. She also likes to go to the movies, write, try new places to eat at and travel to new destinations. Follow her on Twitter @erninlow.

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