The Big Bang Theory, "The Irish Pub Formulation": oh the betrayals

Quick Take, The Big bang Theory, "The Irish Pub Formulation"
"I could never bring a white boy home to my parents. They'd have a cow, and that's a much bigger deal in India." - Priya

Priya and Leonard try to arange a secret tryst
Review, The Big bang Theory, "The Irish Pub Formulation"
(S0406) Six episodes in already! Where does the time go? This week is another Penny-free episode (where is she, anyway?), where the obligatory everyone-eats scene happens in the lab cafeteria. Raj's sister has a 24 hour layover at LAX, and Raj brings her home for a little family time before she has to pick up her next flight back to India, and while she's there, she and Leonard have a lovely and sweet little one night stand. Leonard seems to really like her, but she has zero interest in anything more long term, and she goes home happy while Leonard is slightly sad again. Because he's always slightly sad, apparently. The real "drama" though comes from the fact that Leonard and Wolowitz had made a pact that neither would ever make a move on Priya, and Raj had expressly forbidden it, so their tryst managed to betray two of his friends -- and it only comes up because Sheldon found out about it and is incapable of keeping a secret.

The Irish Pub in the title is from his story about how Leonard couldn't have been with Priya because he was with a saucy barmaid named Maggy McGarry who picked him up when we went out alone for a drink. But Leonard is a terrible liar, and when he confesses, Raj is ready to break off their friendship entirely -- except that all of them have a history of small betrayals, anway, so what's one more? To whit: Wolowitz convinced Raj that foreigners give natives gifts on Thanksgiving and wash their clothes on the Fourth of July, and Raj used Sheldon's toothbrush once, Wolowitz lied about dropping Raj's iPhone in a urinal, and Sheldon spent a month putting ground-up bugs in Leonard's food to see when it "starts tasting mothy". Everyone is aghast, but it all sort of evens out.

This episode was less laugh-out-loud funny than previous ones, but it made up for it with something skirting real drama -- oh the betrayals! It was silly, and solved in silly ways, but there was a moment there in the revelations scene where it almost felt like they'd actually all stop being friends. That would totally ruin the whole ensemble cast thing, which is what Big Bang has going for it most, but at the same time, it could be an interesting stretch-- how well can they all do on their own for one episode? How many ways can four people refuse to talk to each other? Who would be the one who can trick them all into making up, and how would it be done? Alas, we'll never know, but maybe someone who writes quality fanfic will figure it out and post it on the interwebs for us all to share.

It's good to see Leonard getting more of his own screentime, not just having to stand at the side of Sheldon being weirdly Sheldon-y, with the fridge open, making snide comments. And Priya was hilarious in her vew moments of screen time -- we got not just one full-on jump behind the couch, but two, and a bonus shoving her back into the room, all so that she could almost sneak out of the house and Sheldon could see her doing it. She's fun, confident, knows exactly what she wants out of life, and it's a little sad that she was there and gone in half an episode. Maybe she'll come back! She'd be a nice constant foil, if Penny's not going to be around: smart as the boys, but in a totally different, much more practical way. Maybe we can keep them all. Big Bang could be the ER of ensemble sitcoms, with seventy three characters, and all of them funny.

More thoughts on "The Irish Pub Formulation":

  • Leonard: "Would it help if I told you I offered her my heart and she kind of stomped all over it?" Raj: "How hard did she stomp?" Leonard: "Very hard." Raj: "Okay, I'm good."
  • Leonard: "Your sister is a grown woman, and to her, I'm a forbidden piece of white chocolate!"
  • Sheldon: "Might I interject that in a parallel universe, your friends are saying "Maggy McGarry? She sounds lovely!""
  • Sheldon: "Apparently, you hate fun."
  • Leonard: "Alright, I get it. I'm the Darth Vader of Pasadena." Sheldon: "You're far too short to be Darth Vader. At best you're a turncoat Ewok."
  • Video: The Big Bang Theory, "The Irish Pub Formulation"
    Acts of betrayal...

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