The Big Bang Theory, "The Love Car Displacement": relationships going unsmoothly

Quick Take, The Big Bang Theory, "The Love Car Displacement"
"Remember, people, we're only as strong as our weakest bladder." - Sheldon

Bernadette's ex

Review, The Big Bang Theory, "The Love Car Displacement"
(S0413) Remember how last week was dull and kind of annoying? I'm glad to say that this week's installment of The Big Bang Theory is not more of the same. The Big Bangers are invited to speak on a panel about the role of science on the populace or something that doesn't much matter, and Penny comes too because she's Amy Farraj Fowler's best friend (which is news to her, too). The road trip heading there is appropriately awkward and weird, and as soon as they get there, things go awry. Bernadette meets her very tall and good looking ex and Wolowitz gets really insecure, which leads to him being a jerk and Bernadette moving into Penny and Amy's room. Penny leaves because Amy has night terrors and keeps biting her; she goes to Leonard and Sheldon's room, which results in Sheldon moving into Raj's room -- and then Raj moving back to Leonard's, stopping Leonard and Penny from getting back together. All this upheaval leads to a great panel where they air their various grievances under the guise of talking about science.

There's the usual heavy-handedness about Raj and his drinking-and-girls problem, but it's a really short part of the episode and mostly it's fun -- a farce like you used to find in British comedies, everyone switching rooms, everyone speaking in thinly veiled code, everything falling apart at the end. It was mostly sweet, mostly snappy, and Sheldon was reined in enough to be back to charmingly clueless, rather than mean scene-stealer. The only complaint I have is that the road trip was longer than the panel, whereas the panel was the really funny part and the culmination of everything else.

More thoughts on The Big Bang Theory, "The Love Car Displacement":

  • Amy is so strange -- and turns out to be the sweetest one on this show, now that she's settled in. I feel bad that I didn't like her much at first.
  • It's nice that there's a little movement on the Penny-Leonard-Mark-2 front -- and that it's very much not taking over the plot of every episode.
  • Any scene with Bernadette and her unusually tall ex is okay with me, and I hope he comes back, if only just for the logistics of framing them up together in the same shot (really tall people standing next to really short people on TV always amuses me, as a really short person).
  • "I'm prone to night terrors, so if I wake up kicking and screaming, don't panic. Just pin me down and stroke my hair and I'll be fine." - Amy
  • "You know, for a smart guy you really seem to have a hard time grasping the concept of don't piss off the people who handle the things you eat." - Penny
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