The Big Bang Theory, "The Ornithophobia Diffusion": Sheldon takes on birdkind

Quick Take: The Big Bang Theory, "The Ornithophobia Diffusion"
"I'm gonna be a mommy." - Sheldon

At the movies

Review: The Big Bang Theory, "The Ornithophobia Diffusion"
(S0509) This week, Leonard and Penny go to a movie as friends. Leonard decides to pick the movie because he's tired of always going to whatever chick flick Penny wants to see, and on top of that, he confesses how often he did what she wanted so that she'd have sex with him. Since they're not on a date and sex is off the table, he also makes her pay for her own ticket, her own drinks after and her own food. Everything is going fine until Penny starts flirting with someone she meets at the bar, since they aren't on a date, and Leonard gets back at her by doing the same. Only neither one of them is really alright with that, and they start fighting. After they get home, though, Leonard apologises and Penny admits that she kind of liked strong, opinionated, take-charge Leonard... and then he messes that up by being a wuss again.

Meanwhile, Sheldon has a fear of birds and a really huge bluejay won't leave his window alone. After he accidentally lets the bird in while trying to get it to go away, Bernadette and Amy make him face his fear. The bird is friendly, and he eventually starts loving it, just in time for it to fly away. But it leaves its nest on the ledge, and there's an egg inside, which Sheldon decides to hatch and raise himself.

This is one of those episodes where Sheldon is basically a big kid. More and more often, he comes across as someone who never quite got past the age of, maybe, ten, despite being so smart. It frustrates Amy becahse he's immediately affectionate with the bird, babytalking to it and calling it Lovey-Dovey, but since he's not really an adult here, they're on totally different plains. Apparently, part of her job as his sort-of-girlfriend is to get him to grow up as well as to open up. If that egg actually does hatch, it'll be like raising a baby, which should be all sorts of fun, but will also maybe get him to become a bit more of an adult. Maybe if he starts to care about something outside himself, he can care more about her.

Penny and Leonard, however, are on the other side of that issue. And they haven't quite gotten over the fallout of their breakup. There's still the old annoyances there--but there's also the things they like about each other. They had fun before they got vindictive and competitive, and there was an almost-sparky make-up there before Leonard was a doof and ruined it. I was a little worried that they'd just dropped the idea that the two of them still like each other, but it seems they haven't quite--they just aren't ready to get back together yet. When they do, it'll be different than it was, which is great, because no one wants the same thing over again, even in a sitcom.

Things I noticed this week: Johnny Galecki is secretly kind of buff. Our bluejays are nowhere near as big or fancy as that one. It takes me an hour to watch this half-hour show because of stopping to write down all the quotes.

More thoughts on The Big Bang Theory, "The Ornithophobia Diffusion":

  • "I know, it's high-resolution sadness." - Leonard
  • "It's not a date, Leonard, it's just a man and a woman hanging out and not having sex at the end of the night." "Sounds like most of my dates." - Penny and Leonard
  • "Do you think I'm overdressed?" "Depends on the activity. For a prostate exam, yes. For playing Vegas, I'd add sequins." - Leonard and Sheldon
  • "There's also an amazing documentary about building a dam in South America." "Yeah, bu the Jennifer Anniston movie has Jennifer Anniston, and she's not building a dam." - Leonard and Penny
  • "You always picked and it was always the same: an hour and a half of beach houses in the rain until the woman turns around and notices love was here all along." - Leonard
  • "I'm pushing play. If we don't start soon, George Lucas is going to change it again." - Howard
  • "Humming birds are pretty." "Humming birds are the vampires of the flower world." "Still my first choice for an ankle tattoo." - Raj and Sheldon
  • "If I had a death ray, I wouldn't be here. I'd be in my lair, enjoying the money the people of earth gave me for not using my death ray." - Sheldon
  • "So, have you written anything I might have seen?" "That depends. How much time do you spend on Yelp?" - Penny and Kevin
  • "I wear dorky tee-shirts and hipster glasses." "Yes, but when you're tall and have great cheekbones, you're doing it ironically." - Leonard and Penny
  • "Your undergraduate class must've included a varmints and critters class." - Sheldon
  • "The only way to get past this fear is to interact wiht it. Just like you did with the mailman." - Amy
  • "When you were telling Kevin about your acting career, did you tell him about your long-running role as "Waitress" in a local production of "Cheesecake Factory"?" - Leonard
  • "It's just like my gramma with her parrot. And after she lost her marbles, with her remote control." - Bernadette
  • "One of the test monkeys slipped on a banana peel and broke his neck. It was both tragic and hysterical." - Amy
  • "Get back here you stupid bird, so I can love you!" - Sheldon
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