The Vampire Diaries, “Klaus”: the truth of the curse comes out

Quick Take: The Vampire Diaries, “Klaus”
Flashbacks of Elijah, Klaus and Katherine fly by as Elena takes matters in her own hands by trusting Elijah. 


Review: The Vampire Diaries, “Klaus”
(S0219) Kicking off from where The Vampire Diaries left off last episode, Elena is still in the basement waiting for Elijah to wake up. As he finally begins to come around, he saw Elena and it prompted him to remember the first time he met Katherine in 1492. Elijah couldn’t stay in the house since he wasn’t invited in, so Elena took him somewhere else to talk to him. After they left, Stefan woke up to find that both Elijah and Elena were gone.  

Klaus was still inhabiting Alaric’s body and still had Katherine trapped in Alaric’s apartment. Elena decided to trust Elijah and wants his help. Elena knows they both want to kill Klaus and she uses this against Elijah. Stefan calls Elena to make sure she is okay but she doesn’t want his help. Sometimes it is a little frustrating that Elena doesn’t listen, but sometimes she does need to take things into her own hands.

The flashbacks come into play as Elijah tells Elena about Klaus. We finally get a glimpse of the real Klaus as we are shown when Elijah introduced him to Katherine in 1492 and it is revealed that Klaus is Elijah’s brother. It also seems that Elijah fell in love with Katherine and wanted to save her from Klaus trying to kill her. Katherine though was the first to act and became a vampire short after.

Elijah tells Elena about his family and that from them vampires were created. He also tells Elena that the sun/moon curse is fake with the actual curse only applying to Klaus. He is from a wolf and vampire bloodline so some witches put a curse on him to keep his werewolf side dormant.  Klaus wants to awaken the werewolf in him so there can be a hybrid. Elijah tells Elena that a witch with massive power  is the only thing that can kill Klaus and that he knows a way to not have to sacrifice the doppelganger, which is Elena.  

After talking with Elena, Stefan talks to Jenna about staying away from Alaric/Klaus and Damon goes to Alaric’s apartment to find that Katherine is stuck. Damon gives some vervain to Katherine so that she won’t tell Klaus anymore about Damon, Stefan or Elena.

When Stefan shows up to see Jenna, Alaric/Klaus is already there. It seems like he is going to tell Jenna the truth about what he is, but tells her that one of his secrets is that he is obsessed with vampires. He starts to tell Jenna about vampires, werewolves and the sun/moon curse.  Jenna isn’t buying anything that Alaric/Klaus is saying and she wants him to leave. He threatens her with a knife when he won’t go and Stefan goes after him. Stefan beats him up after he orders Jenna to leave.

Elena gets a call from Stefan about Jenna and she goes to talk to her. After seeing Stefan attack Alaric/Klaus she realizes that vampires are real. About freaking time that this woman knows! She is practically the only one on this show that hasn’t known and now she finally does. Elena apologizes for not telling her sooner. Jenna leaves and as Elena leaves to go back to Elijah, Damon doesn’t want her to go. Tension fills the room as Stefan tells Damon to let Elena go.  

Klaus returns to the apartment to Katherine, but the vervain has worked and she pretends to obey him when he tries to compel her. A bunch more of his goons show up with a trunk and my bet was that the trunk was carrying Klaus’ real body.

Stefan and Damon are still at odds with Stefan knowing that Damon loves Elena. He tells Damon he doesn’t mind because Damon will protect her and Stefan has the one thing Damon doesn’t have, which is Elena’s respect. Damon and Stefan fight, but Elena comes in time to stop it.

As Elijah sees this, he flashes back to him and Klaus fighting over Katherine. Elijah tells them he only wants an apology from the brothers regarding them killing him and he will help them. Damon is not happy with Elena trusting Elijah. Back at the apartment, I was right and it is revealed  that Klaus’ body is in the trunk. With the help of his witch friends, his spirit is transferred from Alaric to his body.

I wanted more flashbacks overall to get additional background, but the episode was pretty good. It was exciting to finally see Klaus and I hope that Alaric will be back. The best thing about this show is how the storyline is always going and things happen that you don’t expect. There is suppose to be a death by the end of the season and I am anxious to know who it is. With only a few more episodes of the season left, it will be interesting to see what Klaus is up to and how the gang is going to stop him.

By TV geek Erin

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Erin is an avid tv watcher; Castle, The Office, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries, Cougar Town and Game of Thrones among her favorites. She also likes to go to the movies, write, try new places to eat at and travel to new destinations. Follow her on Twitter @erninlow.

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On: Thursday, April 28, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

Man, these vampire origin myths get complicated between this show, Buffy, Twilight, True Blood, Ann Rice, and etc !

On: Thursday, April 28, 2011
TV geek Erin said:

It is complicated! I had to go over it a few times to make sure it made sense!


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