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Quick Take: True Blood, "Let's Get Out of Here"
Some things are starting to make sense.

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Review: True Blood, "Let's Get Out of Here"
(S0409) Since the beginning of Season Four, too much has been going on with True Blood and too quickly. Like a misshapen spider web, side plots have spun out in a crazy pattern from the central Bill and Sookie story. A crazy creation, this, once begun, one story seemed to have no real association to any other, nor to the core of the web. Only the slightest of connections was visible. Perhaps that all the characters spoke with a southern accent, or that they all believe that vampires (among other fascinating creatures) really do exist, or that the f--ks fly easily from most mouths in Bon Temps – just a whisper of gossamer thread joined one scene to the next.

But in “Let’s Get Out of Here,” the threads were woven together coherently enough to make sense. Finally all the seemingly random side plots began to come together. Andy’s V consumption became more important, because he mucked up the situation at Hoyt’s place. A crazy situation that wouldn’t have been set in motion without Lafayette and Jesus’ road trip to Magic Mexico, the road trip that all started with a visit to Marnie’s circle – and it makes one quite out of breath.

Alcide and Debbie (and Debbie’s paranoia), Sam making amends with and protecting Luna, Tara and Holly siding first with and then against Marnie, Scary baby Mikey, Jessica and Hoyt/Jason, Tommy and, well, any critter he has the urge to shift to; these sub-plots actually had a reason for existing. Okay, so the episode had some long-awaited cohesion, but was it worth all the chaos of this season? Let’s hope so.

Oh, and that Sookie and Bill thing: evidently Sookie wants it to be a Sookie, Bill, and Eric thing. Maybe if Eric stops trying to kill Bill things will work out for that little group.

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On: Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

Quite a web being spun mary, good thing we have you to help cover it all !


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