TV Critics Hate Everything I Love

It seems as though every time I log in to the computer, some new hater has posted about how crappy and/or dismal some show was. But not just any show, a show that I absolutely loved. DVRd and re-watched the next day loved. Whether it be Pan Am (RIP), Keeping up with the Kardashians, or a live event like the Oscars, they’re tearing it a new one all across the web. From fake slap to fake song and dance number, these critics watch and conquer virtually every televised event.

Is my taste just that bad? That I love everything the pros are itching to remove from their memories? Or do critics get more web traffic by including drama in their posts? Whatever it may be, it’s a trend I’m growing to hate more and more by the day.

Where’s the Clout?

Other than a fancy title and/or large online following, what allows someone to become a TV “critic”? Is there some type of training course they must pass? Do they have to be involved in upper level acting classes? Must they understand production value from top to bottom? Sure these writers can write, but what are the rest of their TV-judging qualifications? (No we’re not talking fans or bloggers here, but the high up big wigs in newspapers’ or TV stations’ websites.)

Until some type of training system is put into place (or made public), I’ll continue to use the critics as I always have: to take their opinion, and feel the exact opposite.  

By BethaneyWallace

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Bethaney Wallace is a professional writer and co-owner of The Social Robot. Other than blogging, she can be found drinking tea, looking for new DIY projects, and maxing out her library card.

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On: Thursday, February 28, 2013
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

Very interesting thoughts, Bethaney. 

I think with the advent of the Internet, criticism has been "democratized" of however you want to phrase it, meaning that literally anyone with a web connection can declare themself a "critic." 

Further, you're absolutely right, it's a lot easier to be a "hater" than a lover. And you helped me to realize that a big reason why I launched TV Geek Army was to help celebrate what is great about television today... which is certainly quite a lot. And what's great for someone (or a "critic") will be different for others. 

Which is why I don't mind negative criticism at all as long as it is substantive and well-argued. That's really what is at a premium for criticism overall today. 


On: Thursday, February 28, 2013
BethaneyWallace said:

I can buy that. Look forward to more positive posts in the future!


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