TV Geek Army Field Report: Weed blazes through another season

It’s been a weird sixth season of Weeds, so it makes sense that I’m weirdly looking forward to tonight’s season finale (10PM on Showtime).


Will Nancy Botwin and her wacky murdering family of misfits once again escape the Mexican cartel and the cops to go onto further meandering adventures? Showtime is teasing something “big” happening “in the final five minutes” that (of course) we “won’t want to miss.” So, I am going to tentatively guess that we’re in for a game changer of some sort.

While you’re waiting for 10:00 to roll around check out our great coverage of Weeds, including a review of last week’s “Fran Tarkenton” by Lucas High.

And on a random note, this is the first weeknight I can recall in ages that doesn’t have some kind of show across the dials premiering or returning tonight.

With that, here’s tonight’s TV:

Significant & Notable

  • Dancing With the Stars – ABC, 8:00
  • How I Met Your Mother – CBS, 8:00
  • Monday Night Football (Eagles v. Redskins) – ESPN, 8:00 EST
  • In Treatment – HBO, 9:00
  • Weeds – Showtime, 10:00
  • Anyone Watching?

  • 90210 – CW, 8:00
  • Gossip Girl – CW, 9:00
  • The Event – NBC, 9:00
  • Castle – ABC, 10:00
  • The Big C – Weeds, 10:30
  • Do We Care?

  • Two and a Half Men – CBS, 9:00
  • Mike & Molly – CBS, 9:30
  • Hawaii Five-O – CBS, 10:00
  • Chase – NBC, 10:00
  • Category of Mystery

  • Rules of Engagement – ABC, 8:30
  • Lie to Me – FOX, 9:00
  • Weird & Wonderful

  • Little People, Big World – TLC, 8:00
  • The Best Thing I Ever Ate – Food Network, 9:00
  • My Big Friggin’ Wedding – VH1, 9:00
  • Hoarders – A&E, 10:00
  • World of Jenks – MTV, 10:00
  • Mario LopezL Saved by the Baby – VH1, 10:00 
  • By Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader"

    About the author

    Eric is the publisher and revered leader of TV Geek Army… at least in his own mind. TV Geek Army is a place for serious TV reviews and news for serious fans of great television. Contact: eric-[at] 

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