Weeds, "A Hole in her Niqab": trapper keeper of broken dreams

Quick Take: Weeds, “A Hole in her Niqab”
“I can do freaky. Am I getting old? Did I die in Copenhagen? I did, I couldn’t speak the language, I died.” – Andy

Nancy and Doug

Review: Weeds, “A Hole in her Niqab”
(S0704) I was feeling really good about this episode until the whole Afghanistan scene at the end; luckily by that point there wasn’t much time left to sully after that, and there was plenty beforehand that makes up for it. Now that Nancy’s character actually has some motivation besides not getting caught and killed, Weeds is diligently taking steps towards resolving itself. Okay, so maybe the suitcase of grenades is gone – not even detonated, just gone – but in retrospect, maybe explosions are just too gimmicky for the world of Weeds. I’ll get back to that.

Between Jill Price-Gray’s cornering her for custody of Stevie, and Silas’s annexation of her new stash, Nancy is left scrambling to come up with her own money, obtained through legitimate employment, while also seeking out cheap-as-free legal counsel. Luckily for her – and just as lucky for us – Martin Short makes his guest debut as pro-bono lawyer, Steward Havens. Havens chooses his clients based on their sob-stories, which he then records in “Steward Havens’ Trapper Keeper of Broken Dreams,” a compendium of sad and sexy stories from the block. He gets roped into helping Nancy’s custody case after hearing her compelling fabrication of Esteban’s death, which apparently involves the Aryans, broken dominoes, and a mystery box. He suggests to Nancy that the only way to help her case is to contribute to Stevie’s upbringing, which ultimately means sending her sister money. While counting on Silas for the brunt of her income, Nancy seeks out Doug for a fully-documented employment opportunity.

I was worried last week that Doug might be draped with the skins of a scapegoat, what with the way he was treated like a “freakin’ elf prince” when he arrived at Vehement. As it turns out, “Rocket Man” Doug Wilson is just getting juiced for the big softball game, which ends up dealing with... down-there deviations. Doug’s character is always more enjoyable when he’s happy and a winner, and he’s taking steps towards becoming both this season. It was also refreshing to see a moment of genuine caring between Nancy and Doug after she hits him with a baseball bat – they’ve been through a lot together over the past six seasons, and treated each other unfairly along the way, but all seems to be forgiven as the two newest Vehement employees embrace. Aside from having to stab steroids into Doug’s glutes, this opportunity presents a win-win for Nancy: not only is she legally employed - as per her parole agreement - but she opens the entire building’s market of cannabis consumers for Silas.

Silas seems to be done with his modelling career for now, opting instead to frequent various auditions in order to target the downtrodden pretty-boys looking for a lift. He needs to build his rapport with his potential clientele, however, and gives away the entire stash in free samples in order to secure 40+ new customers. In need of more money to fill the orders already coming in, Silas and Nancy turn to Shane, who is somehow, once again, the voice of rationality in his family – which is really saying something considering that he used his first student loan to furnish a room for Nancy. Despite her lack of gratitude (or perhaps in spite of it), Shane lends her $1000, stipulating that repayment includes 20% interest.

Unfortunately – for both Nancy and ourselves – we get a quick peek at the Afghani grow house that supplies Dmitri (Pablo Schreiber), and by extension, Nancy. Here we find out that one of the cultivators has cut a fellati-hole in his sister-in-law’s niqab, which leads his wife to suicide bomb the grow house, thereby cutting off Nancy’s source in a burst of sand and better-used budget money. Unable to fund her attempts at supporting Stevie’s private education, the episode closes where it began: with Nancy being berated by her twin nieces (one of whom seems pretty disturbed for having not been raised by Nancy). This time, however, Jill lets Nancy see Stevie as he cries in disappointment, getting some sick pleasure in making her sister feel guilty before saving the day and paying for Stevie’s school.

Speaking of sick pleasures, what about Andy? He was largely uninvolved with the main cast this episode, instead trying to deal with his higher self being probed by the polyamorous artist, Maxeen. Maxeen is married to a much older gentleman – her English professor, once upon a time – who now suffers from cancer and consents to his wife’s extramarital relationships. Despite the age difference, Andy comes to appreciate the strange companionship that he is now a part of – it’ll be interesting to watch him sabotage this relationship as hilariously as he’s done in the past.

Nancy also runs into the CEO of Vehement (Aidan Quinn) several times this episode. Initially, he asks her out on a date, which she refuses; she tries to change her mind to try and get into his good books, but he rescinds the offer after she scares away the building’s dope dealer, taking her to be a “crazy militant anti-drug” ... person. We’ll say person. With three strong guest stars helping to counterbalance the temperamental, oh-so politically-incorrect scene that the episode was named for, hopefully we can all cloud that memory before next week, when we can look forward to the fleshing-out of what seems to be a stable storyline.

By Mark D Curran

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Mark is a freelance writer, student of English and Philosophy, and still has too much time on his hands. If you have any of your own, check out the blog and follow him on Twitter!


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On: Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

I feel like we're getting some good moments, good scenes, funny lines here and there coupled with a lot of question marks and iffy decisions. Great take overall mark !


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