Weeds, "Cats! Cats! Cats!": plans up in smoke

Quick Take: Weeds, “Cats! Cats! Cats!”
“You’re really good at burning shit down. In prison were you and her like, ‘Hey, I’m an arsonist, you’re an arsonist, let’s get together and be lesbians?’” – Andy

 Michelle Trachtenberg - Emma (Weeds)

Review: Weeds, “Cats! Cats! Cats!”
(S0709) As optimistic as I’ve been about the new season of Weeds, I’m willing to acknowledge that there’s been something – or things – missing from the formula. With its long string of changing guest stars and a very contained starring line-up, it’s no wonder that the show has been having such an issue with recreating the character chemistry that drove the first few seasons. As of late, the Botwins plus Doug haven’t shared very much screen time; understandably, the characters have matured and become more independent, but considering their storylines do still involve each other, it would be nice to see a little more group interaction.

Speaking of which, last episode ended with quite the convocation of guest-stars in the Botwin apartment, which resulted in a lot of laughs to accompany all the incriminating evidence against Nancy. After blowing her chance with the SEC, Nancy figures she’ll dig herself a little deeper and tells Klein (Aidan Quinn) about the impending investigation against him. This information, coupled with Zoya’s tendency to lose things in fires, is enough to send him packing for good. Zoya, meanwhile, is trying to get on her feet with the help of Nancy’s drug money, her head full of plans for guard bears and doggie-hotels in Vermont. After a great scene where she's teased and antagonized by Andy, she, too, is sent packing by episode’s end, as Nancy burns down Klein’s now-vacant apartment and cleverly convinces Zoya that the SEC has a recording of her joke-threat against him.

And the SEC totally would have that tape if it weren’t for Doug Wilson! Wow, once again the synaesthesic knight with burnt-orange armor saves the day! Just when it looks like the SEC is going to turn Nancy over to the DEA, Agent Scary-Lips brings in Doug – big mistake. Before they can frighten him into cooperating, Doug reveals that the SEC have their pension funds tied in with one of the company’s questionable investments, and demands nothing short of full amnesty for himself and Nancy. Selling an eighth to Agent Scary-Lips’ partner after the failed case is the cherry on top of this sweet, sweet scene -- arguably the best this season.

Last week we were briefly introduced to Silas’ competition in the “party favours” business, Emma from Pouncy House (Michelle Trachtenberg). While Shane uses his position in the police station to steal information about the rival operation, Silas takes a more direct approach. He tracks down Emma, and tells her to pass along the message that he isn’t leaving. Emma seems intrigued with his daring, but not for the reasons we might think.

This episode did not end on the “highest” of notes – and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The files Shane stole bring about bad news for pretty much everyone except for the people in the files: by episode’s end, Shane’s plan backfires, and he experiences some genuine criminal justice as he clamps a pair of cuffs on his own wrists; Silas discovers that Emma is the real boss of Pouncy House, and has sabotaged his entire operation; even Andy is left in shattered disbelief as his bike-shop has literally been flipped upside-down, with bikes, tables, and desks littering the ceiling, and lights protruding out of the floor. Dealing with these rival dealers will prove a little more demanding than throwing pennies at their cars or giving them booty-calls – let’s hope really really hard that there isn’t a Mexican cartel full of pyromaniacs waiting on the sidelines.

By Mark D Curran

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