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Quick Take: Weeds, "Fingers Only Meat Banquet"
"Gather ye balls! Don’t just sit on ’em, show 'em to the world!" - Charles

Silas and Havens

Review: Weeds, “Fingers Only Meat Banquet”
(S0705) The writers must have gotten hold of whatever fertilizer was enriching their show when it was just a little sapling, because this week’s episode has finally left me wanting more! The pace is fast, the jokes precise, and we’re finally moving forward – at least at the same rate as the cast is moving back. Just as she’s getting settled into her job at Doug’s new firm, Nancy’s lawyer Steward Havens (Martin Short) shows up to collect his client for a trip to Oakland. I’m really starting to like Nancy again, if only because I’m starting to absolutely loathe her sister. Jill Price-Grey has filed custody papers for Stevie, which grants Nancy two days’ grace from her halfway house in order to attend the hearing.

When Nancy and Silas get to Oakland, however, Mr. Havens breaks the unfortunate news that the hearing has been postponed. As it so happens, Jill and her lawyer are trying to aggravate Nancy’s frustration so that they can build a case against her emotional instability. While Nancy falls right into their ploy and attempts to confront her sister and see Stevie, Silas approaches the judge presiding over his mother’s case. We’re gradually getting some endearing, redemptive moments between Nancy and the others – and although she isn’t actually present when Silas pleads her case, she was absolutely right in bringing him as a character witness. As opposed to what the linguistically-limber Shane would have done, Silas offers a genuine, affectionate plea on Nancy’s behalf, winning her an audience with the judge.

After causing a bit of suburban mayhem at her sister’s home, Nancy gets a chance to talk to Scott, her sister’s husband. Scott doesn’t seem to like Jill very much – never mind loving her – but he loves his daughters and understands Nancy’s separation anxiety. Before Nancy takes off to learn that the custody hearing is suspended until she’s out of the halfway house, Scott promises her face-time with Stevie over video chat. Boy are things looking better for Nancy!

Shane, meanwhile, dejected over his not being chosen to testify on behalf of his mother, takes her advice and enrols in college – specifically, a criminal justice program. The last thing Nancy says to Shane is “You can testify next time,” she says it jokingly, but I think Shane’s gearing up to go to court for real.

Shane may even have his first client, depending on what Doug does with the new information he’s unearthed at work. Vehement Industries have been cooking their books, and Doug is expected to carry on the tradition of making the rich richer, and keeping the poor ignorant. He was able to do it in Agrestic for a little bit, but now he’s in New York – Wall Street, frighteningly enough – and he may have bitten off more of the Big Apple than he can chew.

Andy, Maxeen, and her husband Charles seem to be acclimating to each other rather nicely – that is, until Charles nearly dies in front of Andy. The polyamorous relationship doesn’t really bug Andy – he can do freaky, remember? But Charles’ condition reminds Andy too much of Bubby, and no one wants to be polyamorous with their Jewish grandmother. The future of their relationship is left up in the air for now, however, as we return to Nancy, who’s returning to her roots.

The judge grants Nancy the chance to get her life back in order before holding a custody hearing for Stevie. He recommends returning to a time in her life before she was caught up with the wrong people – to a time when she and her sons were happy, and were loved. The judge’s narration carries us through backwoods and dirt roads, advising Nancy to seek out friends and family who would help her in her time of need – those who have helped her before. I could feel the shivers run down my spine as I realized what was happening.

Nancy and Silas pull up to a cute little farmhouse, bickering over who will knock. The door flies open. A gun is cocked. “OH HELL NO!” a familiar voice shouts. Oh hell yes, you mean! Heylia James, the fiercest marijuana matriarch, who was burned out of stash and home by Nancy Botwin, is back on Weeds! If you haven’t started the new episodes yet, this alone makes the whole season worth it. I can’t wait until next week to see if anyone else is holed up in the new grow-op. This meeting should fit nicely into Nancy’s redemption story-arc: a lot of characters have been written out of the show without being given a proper recognition or farewell from the characters. All we’ve been asking for is one last appearance from all our favourites – enough to keep us laughing while giving us closure. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

By Mark D Curran

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Mark is a freelance writer, student of English and Philosophy, and still has too much time on his hands. If you have any of your own, check out the blog and follow him on Twitter!


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On: Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

I realized that Weeds has been quite a bit more watchable this season because the constant peril has been removed (for now). That works on a show like Breaking Bad, but not for Weeds. So I'll say *some* of the sensibility and chemistry of the early seasons has returned. 

In any event, we need to see the return of Conrad! 


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