Weeds, "From Trauma Cometh Something": the Botwins and their drama momma

Quick Take: Weeds, "From Trauma Cometh Something"
"Sure, maybe she possibly, let's say probably, fled from us. Who in this room hasn't fled? It's a family flaw." - Andy

Weeds S0702 - Silas

Review: Weeds, "From Trauma Cometh Something"
(S0702) It’s nice to be able to watch a show that is seven seasons deep and still have to go through the motions in adjusting to its new set-up. Our familiarity with the main cast keeps us interested while they, too, adapt to their new lives as the season unfolds. For a show that’s jumped ahead a few years in its story, it doesn’t really feel like we’ve missed all too much in the lives of the Botwin family. The loose leaves that lingered from the fast-forward have been trimmed: Esteban is dead, Nancy is out of jail, and this week, after three years in Copenhagen, Shane, Silas, Andy, and Doug are back in the States.

This week’s episode was a step in the right direction in regard to drawing out this season properly. Even though the boys have returned to Manhattan to see Nancy after three years, she no sooner makes eye-contact with Silas than makes a mad-dash for the door, delaying the full, happy, Botwin family reunion (probably until the end of the season, I’d venture to guess). Luckily for Nancy, she was on her way out anyway and not in any trouble... yet. The halfway house has set her up with a job interview for a position repairing lamps, which gives her enough time to collect her suitcase full of explosives before bombing her interview – figuratively, not literally! This is the first crack in the foundation of Nancy’s rebuilding project, since she needs a legitimate salary to pay 25% towards living expenses. It doesn’t really seem like it was her fault though – unless Nancy learned lamp repair in prison, she needs to make money the only way she knows how.

Silas and Doug are off trying to find their own work since watching Nancy bail on them – Silas discovers that New York is extremely competitive for male models, and is forced to indulge in his past a little bit in order to secure representation in the industry. Doug, on the other hand, meets up with an old buddy of his who seems to be working him pretty hard for something – I sense a hilarious Doug debacle in our future! Either that or a vicious full circle that brings us back to his fraudulent accounts on Agrestic city council. Or both!

Anyways, the real reason Nancy wanted out of the halfway house was to meet up with “The Sarge,” the brother of Nancy’s “gay for the stay” lover, Zoya. As it turns out, Sarge (Pablo Schreiber; Nick Sobotka from The Wire) originally owned the very suitcase which Nancy is now trying to trade back to him. Trade him for what, you ask? Really? The show is called Weeds! But the Sarge doesn’t have enough to sell just yet – but he does have a recreational stash to pique Nancy’s interest.

For a woman who’s been involved in the cannabis trade for the past six seasons, we don’t get to see Nancy light up very often; but after bring ambushed by her family and failing her job interview, who can blame the gal for needing a lift? Stoned Nancy was funny enough to rival Stoned Doug, but vulnerable enough to compare to Andy (just in general). We learn that she ran from her sons because she’s not only ashamed, but scared – scared that she will get in the way of her boys growing up to be the men that she wanted them to be. She sees, and has read, that Shane and Silas are doing so well for themselves, that she doesn’t want to ruin it. She gets caught up in her haze and has to rush back to the halfway house, where Shane and Andy are still waiting for her.

Andy and Shane have spent the entire day at Nancy’s halfway house, and are slowly becoming convinced that Nancy may have changed for the worse after her stay in the pen. They are introduced to Nancy’s fruit-crushing, eggbeater-sexing roommate, witness a fight, and are given some unsettling facts and figures about inmates and rehabilitation. Nancy doesn’t help quell their fears when she arrives back at the halfway house  higher than a kite; Counsellor Ed is forced to cut short the little reunion and drags Nancy off to be drug-tested while Andy and Shane stare slack-jawed at their family’s once-mighty matriarch.

Will Nancy be back in jail next week? What will Andy Shane and Silas do? Why is Doug’s nickname “Rocket Man” and where did he get that sweet neck pillow? Perhaps we’ll find out next week, perhaps not. Keep an eye out for more of Schreiber’s character – he’s proven on The Wire that he can set some seriously gritty stories into motion.

By Mark D Curran

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Mark is a freelance writer, student of English and Philosophy, and still has too much time on his hands. If you have any of your own, check out the blog and follow him on Twitter!


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On: Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

I'm cautiously optimistic after seeing last week's episode Mark (haven't caught this one as yet). Totally agree that the reboot was a huge step in the right direction -- closing the loop on the multiple seasons with Nancy on the run, having Esteban thanfully out of the picture, etc. allows the show (maybe) to get back to the intriguing and quirky dramedy that it was during its first few seasons. 


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