Weeds, "Qualitative Spatial Reasoning": Botwin versus Botwin

Quick Take: Weeds, “Qualitative Spatial Reasoning”
“Demitri makes me nervous. He makes me feel short, and sleight. I kind of want to touch his bicep – like once – why is that?” – Andy

 Weeds: Dean & Heylia

Review: Weeds, “Qualitative Spatial Reasoning”
(S0712) There’s a lot going on this episode, and plenty of split-screens to keep us caught up.

Silas and Nancy are officially each other’s competition, and all their clients, investors, and suppliers hang in the balance –  most of whom are nothing short of recruited by one or the other in the show’s opening scene. Due to the wondrous effects that creative licence has on timing, they both manage to call Doug at the same time, only to have him hang up on them; this isn’t the only time their paths intersect, however.

Silas is largely motivated by his need to prove himself to Nancy; or rather, his need to prove himself better than Nancy, now believing – with good reason – that she cares for nothing other than herself and her business. Though he first tries the “underappreciated” spiel with Doug, Silas has better luck pulling Andy off of the fence – though only after Nancy unwittingly supports Silas’ argument. He is also able to win over Emma (Michelle Trachtenberg). Fuelled by her shared hatred of Nancy following last week’s bust, Emma offers up her room and her clients to Silas.

Although Silas already has Heylia’s harvest on its way, he’s still looking for an additional supplier, and so he brings Andy with him to Demitri’s (Pablo Schreiber) in an attempt to get him to sever his connection with Nancy. Unfortunately for them, Demitri gets more than just money out of his deal with the Botwin matriarch – in fact, he was just about to get his “more than just money” when Andy and Silas dropped by.

Privy to her eldest’s newest tactic, Nancy decides to stop “feeling guilty” – for what, I can’t imagine – and begins to amass support for her newest capitalistic endeavour. Offering the Vehement corporation a way to bring in a new, controllable source of income, Nancy – with the help of Silas’ one-time modelling agent / boxing coach, and a line-up of delivery divas – convinces the suits to take on her “gourmet ganja” scheme. Offering exclusive membership, the allure of exoticism, and all the high-prices to back it up, Nancy seems to be building something akin to a “chronic country club.”

Last week, I thought that Shane and Silas’ sibling rivalry would come to a head – Shane’s been vying for Nancy’s acceptance all season, and he thinks that Silas is in his way. Actually, Nancy still can’t get past the fact that her son is a murderer. Even though Shane finally feels involved, his part’s been played now that Detective Ouellete (Michael Harney) appears to be out of the Botwin’s business – he even throws in a little step-father-son reunion to clinch his trust. For the time being.

Unbeknownst to Nancy until some sloppy, drunken role-playing, Demitri has his military buddies pull a mini-heist, holding up Heylia and Dean at gunpoint and landing Dean in the hospital. He doesn’t seem to be hurt too badly, but it brings Andy to where he needs to be when he gets an invitation to the “purple only” funeral of his former polyamorous counterpart, Charles. Realizing just how stupid everyone is being, Andy resolves to give up the drug game for good and possibly to win back Maxeen.

Even though Nancy tries to get a hold of Silas to make amends, he thinks that she’s responsible for his stolen stash, and starts taking steps to retaliate. Nancy, meanwhile, is still moving forwards – at least in her eyes. Being ever so close to finally winning custody over Stevie, Nancy goes house-hunting. By herself. She even tells the real-estate agent that she’s only got one son; ironically, the one she technically doesn’t have. Where this leaves Shane remains to be seen – perhaps Nancy is convinced that he’ll go off to college, or maybe she’s just given up hope outright. There’s a catch to Nancy’s feelings of success, however: her sister.

Not content with letting things play out without some insurance, Silas decides to hit Nancy where it hurts, and flies Jill Price-Grey to New York. While he picks up his aunt at the airport, Silas has Emma pay an informative visit to Detective Ouellette. Even though Nancy is the target, Shane is guaranteed to get caught up in the mayhem, especially after all the lies he helped perpetuate for Nancy’s sake.

When a show is left to its own devices for too long, it can become self-indulgent and lose focus on its story. I’m left wondering how well they’ll be able to tie up everyone’s storylines next week without some sort of cliff-hanger. Next week’s episode is only being marketed as the “season finale” and not the “series finale” which, to me, hints towards there being another season; in which case, a cliffhanger would be perfectly appropriate. With the show’s future undecided, however, it may appear as a giant cop-out to not give a definitive ending to the particular stories that have been developing now for seven seasons.

By Mark D Curran

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Mark is a freelance writer, student of English and Philosophy, and still has too much time on his hands. If you have any of your own, check out the blog and follow him on Twitter!


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On: Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

It was a relief that for a spell Nancy and crew didn't seem to be on the brink of getting killed or arrested and there were some very watchable episodes during the middle of the season, but I just sat through this episode completely bored. 

I guess it's because I don't really care who wins out between Nancy and Silas' drug war, and the comedy wasn't doing anything for me either. 

I think it's time for an Andy spin-off show (called Wheels, perhaps): who's with me? 


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