Weeds, "System Overhead": don't mess with the Andy

Quick Take: Weeds, “System Overhead”
“Hey, uh, I’m murdering somebody. Killing ‘em. It’s bad – bloody. Anybody care? No? Living your myopic lives? Ok, cool.” – Andy

 Andy (Justin Kirk)

Review: Weeds, “System Overhead”
(S0710) I need to start out by saying that Andy’s (Justin Kirk) presence on-screen was flawless this week – whoever wrote his character’s lines did an impeccable job at capturing Andy’s amalgam of downtrodden dejection and sarcastic cynicism. With his bike shop – and his life – turned upside down, he spends the episode trying to rationalize his streak of defeats and failures by blaming the people who, let’s face it, should probably be blamed: Nancy, Silas, and Emma (guest star Michelle Trachtenberg). He even shares in on some of the guilt himself.

As if Nancy didn’t already have enough to deal with after Pouncy House cleaned out the bike shop, she soon discovers that Demetri (Pablo Schreiber) has more product for her to move, and that if she doesn’t solve her pouncing problem, he and some reserve buddies will have to step in. Could this be the return of the bag o’nades? Well, it’s too soon to tell, because Nancy has yet another issue to deal with: Shane’s incarceration.

While Nancy masterminds another intricate tangle of half-truths to solve her family’s problems, Doug receives his own startling news. While fawning over his executive-looking box of Venezuelan cigars, Doug is interrupted by the return of the S.E.C. who have sent an agent to ensure that their pension files are being properly looked after. It’s not quite the dynamic that Doug had with Celia, but I’m looking forward to more of his pestering for what’s left of the season.

After springing Shane from his holding cell and building a bit of a rapport with Detective Ouellette (Michael Harney), Nancy has a little chat with Emma then leaves - but not before she takes the nail gun away from Andy after he unloads his iron fury on a bike that falls from the roof. Nancy makes the mistake of leaving Silas with Emma while she goes to try and work Detective Ouellette into making a move on the Pouncy House dealers. While Nancy is gone, Silas and Emma agree to a truce, deciding to combine his quality product with her top-tiered business strategy. If you can't beat them, join them, right? But I think Nancy just beat them, so...

Even though Nancy’s sweet-talking seem to have worked on the Detective, I can’t help but think that his knowing nod when Nancy asks about his son is supposed to suggest something more – good or bad, I can’t tell. Out of all the authority figures we’ve seen drop in and out of the Weeds canon, none of them are ever really competent – we already know Ouellette’s not clean, and he’s certainly not stupid. I’d venture so far as to say he could be the best match for Nancy since Conrad. There aren’t many ways that this season could end, but I’m hopeful for something more predictable than an “everyone gets off scot-free” happy ending – I actually just want that for Doug and Andy.

By Mark D Curran

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Mark is a freelance writer, student of English and Philosophy, and still has too much time on his hands. If you have any of your own, check out the blog and follow him on Twitter!


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On: Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

I've been thinking Andy/Justin Kirk has been the best thing about the show for a good while now, great to see him moving into the center of the action 


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