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Quick Take: White Collar, "As You Were"
"Come on Sara. You've always known who I am" - Neal

White Collar

Review: White Collar, "As You Were"
(S0308) The key to a good episode of White Collar is the balance between the relationships of the characters and the caper in each particular episode. I really liked the heightened tension between Neal (Matt Bomer) and Sara (Hilarie Burton) after she discovered Neal's treasures. As Sara herself said, it was inevitable that they would come to an impasse based on what they do and who they are. He's an art thief and a con man and she's an insurance investigator and eating disorder sufferer. In all seriousness, while I do believe that relationship has run it's course, I would like to see Sara return eventually.

How awesome was it to see Jones (Sharif Atkins) kick a little ass? It's about time we get an inside look at the life of one of Peter's subordinates. I was on board this episode for sure after they found the microdot. Old school, indeed.

I am in awe at the ease with which the White Collar writers insert personal information into dialogue. It's not an easy thing to do and often seems labored, but with rich characters like these it looks almost effortless.

The best thing about the plot for this episode was that it was so strong it overshadowed the ongoing story of Neal and Mozzie's (Willie Garson) stolen treasures. That particular storyline has left me so uninterested that I'm starting to tune out every time it's brought up. Maybe Sara will blow the whistle now that she has seen it with her own eyes.

I literally got goosebumps when Jimmy (Jayson Ward Williams) dropped that bullet. A man on the run and a despicable villain like Van Horn (Brady Smith) was all this episode needed. Jones vs. Smith, what are the chances that was an accident?

This episode had everything it needed to be great and the writers were even nice enough to put a “bow” on it. Bad puns aside, more episodes like this and scenes like the last one between Peter (Tim DeKay) and Neal could easily get White Collar an Emmy nomination.

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